1. Mitt Romney is one of the few people who believe Roger Rabbit was guilty.

2. American scientists are working on a robot Mitt Romney to go and entertain the unmanned drones in Afghanistan.
3. Mitt Romney claims to be the only person on Earth who knows the real identity of Superman.
4. Mitt believes that everything he draws with his magic crayon comes to life.
5. After every presidential debate, his favorite treat is to lick his testicles clean with his tongue.
6. He once ate a very small refrigerator.
7. His penis is the exact shape and size of a corkscrew.
8. Mitt Romney is banned from the Deadwood branch of Dunkin’ Donuts.
9. In 2007, Mitt Romney claimed to have designed the clitoris and invented the wheel.
10. In 2008, he claimed he had found the Holy Grail - which he now keeps safe in his wife’s handbag. 
11. In 2009, he claimed he could control the weather. 
12. In 2010, he claimed it was ‘he’ who took the bite out of the Apple logo! 
13. Mitt has two sets of testicles, neither of which are his own.
14. Mitt Romney says he gets more excited seeing his luggage on a baggage carousel than he does about becoming the 45th President of America!! 
15. According to reliable sources, Mitt Romney’s naked body looks like the discount rack in an Old Navy store.
16. Mitt Romney has a pet dolphin called Russell which he keeps in a hutch he built himself.
17. According to his Management, Mitt Romney will completely shed his skin up to five times during a speech.
18. Mitt Romney is aroused by the smell of yellow paint.
19. Every Thursday evening Mitt likes to go to his local McDonald’s just for the free mustard sachets.
20. Mitt once attempted to ship all the short people out of North Dakota.