10 Facts about the amazing Mario Lopez(actor, father, and all around cool dude).

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December 06, 2010

Here we go,

1.Mario Lopez owns 2 suits.

2.Mario Lopez once ate breakfast lunch and dinner all in the same day.

3.Mario Lopez's favorite drink is Diet Dr. Pepper...he says it does taste more like the original

4.Wikipedia has a WHOLE page dedicated to Mario Lopez.

5.Mario Lopez was a member of Netflix before it became cool.

6.Mario Lopez played Slater on Saved by the Bell.

7.Mario Lopez has a sandwiched named after him at the Quiznos in Long Beach California....it's a turkey club

8.Mario Lopez has not read the Twilight books...but he would like to someday.

9.Ironically, Mario Lopez once saved a truck load of bells...Zack Morris was nowhere to be found.

10.Mario Lopez is undefeated in checkers.

So there you have it...

Mario Lopez's epic exploits are far too under-documented.