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10 Facts about the amazing Mario Lopez(actor, father, and all around cool dude).
Published December 06, 2010 More Info ยป
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Published December 06, 2010

Here we go,

1.Mario Lopez owns 2 suits.2.Mario Lopez once ate breakfast lunch and dinner all in the same day.3.Mario Lopez's favorite drink is Diet Dr. Pepper...he says it does taste more like the original4.Wikipedia has a WHOLE page dedicated to Mario Lopez.5.Mario Lopez was a member of Netflix before it became cool.6.Mario Lopez played Slater on Saved by the Bell.7.Mario Lopez has a sandwiched named after him at the Quiznos in Long Beach's a turkey club8.Mario Lopez has not read the Twilight books...but he would like to someday.9.Ironically, Mario Lopez once saved a truck load of bells...Zack Morris was nowhere to be found.10.Mario Lopez is undefeated in checkers.

So there you have it...

Mario Lopez's epic exploits are far too under-documented.