Funny birthday fails from kids and adults to dogs - 13 of the funniest, sweet and shocking birthday fails.

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May 18, 2011

Chewing Gum Cake Mmmmm...

This epic birthday fail comes from a kid named James. Poor James blew out more than the candles; he also blew the gum out of his mouth, and straight onto the cake!

But I Don't Want To Be On X-Factor!

This kid almost has a nervous breakdown when asked to simply sing “Happy Birthday” for the cameras. He struggles, looks nervous, and very, very uncomfortable. He kind of gets it together, then “mispronounces” a certain word at the end…

Birthday Bonus In The Office

While this video is from a TV show, it’s still one of the funniest “Birthday Surprise” videos we’ve seen. The Office’s Michael Scott, sure does love to surprise people…

I Can't Wait For Cake Mummy...

This birthday looks like it’s going great until Mom commits an epic fail. The kids are not happy to say the least…

Birthday Baby Boss

This cute little baby loves cake, but she sure doesn’t want her brothers help!

Let's Blow Out The Candles

Who knew there were sneaky little ninja’s at this kid’s birthday party? She’s about to find out the hard way that you need to blow those candles out quick!

The Birthday Blonde...

This looks like a nice little birthday party, until the woman goes to blow out her candles.  I don’t think burning hair is what she was wishing for before she attempted to put the candles out.

Help, Help...My Cake is On Fire

One thing everyone knows is that if you let the candles burn to long, you’ll get wax on the cake. Well, sometimes with poorly placed candles you can actually catch the cake on fire. They spend more time laughing at the fire, than actually trying to blow out the candles in this funny video.

I Love Cake As Much As A Poke In The Eye

This video borders on funny/cruel. The poor kid sits there just waiting for the song to be over, and his uncle decides to play a prank at the last minute. Well, that prank didn’t work out so well, and I know that had to hurt. It’s made worse by the fact that the cowboy keeps trying to cram something in his mouth, and his sister sticks her face in the cake. Poor kid!

Happy Woof Day To You...

Who knew that dogs love birthday cake? These two Boston terriers sure do, and they also love balloons. I don’t think that these kids will be eating that cake after the dogs have been all over it.

Spit, Flick, Bang - The New Way To Blow Out Candles

Some kids blow out candles with their mouths, while others use their hair, spit, and even a form of head banging. Those candles need to be blown out, but I’m sure there are easier ways to do it!

You Are Never Too Old To Get A BIG Suprise...

Ol’ Grandma learned the true definition of a “surprise gift” when she opened a rather large package in front of her family.

Woooah, Freak Out!

Everyone is scared of something, and this guy is apparently scared to death of spiders. It’s made funnier by the fact that he kind of knows what’s coming, but still has a nice freak out anyway.

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