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Published January 31, 2012

#25. i find my self watching prono at 26 years old in the middle of the day at my parents house smoking jays and drinking beers all day long by myself.

#24. Am to drunk to Fu*k every time i get a chance to bang so nasty fat b*tch.

#23. i will not be able to remember doing this because of a black out i will have later on today.

#24. I Have no job and sleep untill at least 2 pm every day.

#23. Every one i know is on drugs/dunks or dead.

#22. I think am having a flash back right now.

#21. The only time i go outdoors is when there is a hippie feast going on.

#20. Am only 26 but some how am a dead head.

#19. i know all the hookers in my town by name.

#18. i think Ron Paul isn't crazy at all.

#17. People think am bipolar but really am just drunk.

#16. i have no friends.

#15. Lindsay Lohan would OD if she hungout with me becasue she is a pu*sy.

#14. i have lost every job i ever had because i was high/drunk at work.

#13. i have been to jail lots of times.

#12. i don't care that am a dirtball.

#11. i never go anywhere or do anything with my life and i don't even know that am loser.

#10. i watch adult swim every night.

#9. I drink wiskey and run by the bottles when eating my LSD. "if you ever do this smoke a lot of weed so you can come down faster."

#8. 8 balls!

#7. I think Crack and Smack must go together.

#6. i can pick a mashroom cap with best of them.

#5. i never watched Avatar all the way threw because if freaks me out.

#4. i get sick from a hangover at the least once a week.

#3. i drink more than Amy Winehouse when she was in her prime. "so much so my nickname at the bars is Mr. Winehouse."

#2 i have to be high to get an orgasem.

#1 i flat out hate my life.

BUT! Rehab is for quitters. An i Ant no quitter! Beacuse quitter never win.