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20 video game ideas for Dreamcast 2 and all the other ones.
Published July 02, 2011 More Info »

Video game ideas.

Contra 3D ( This time. Mag Dog & Scorpion are back in acton as a team of two armed badass military Commandos for the U.S.A in the year 2636 trying to bring down the Red Falcon Organization once again how are big and stonger than ever before with a new home base in Honolulu Hawaii. Where are boyz are droped into Honolulu with the mission of finding and killing the leader of the Falcon Organization saving the world from a Falcon Orgainzation total world take over that will in slave us all. ) 

The Adventures of Bayou Bill ( A re-make of that old NES game. ) .

D&D ( The video game with the best online play a game has ever had before. Make you character and dive right into the magic world of Dungeon and Dragons.)

N.W.A pro wrestling ( A sega sports pro wrestling game.  A game that covers everthing N.W.A pro wrestling from all over the world. An you can unlock the N.W.A Hall of Fame member with some badass online play. "Trust me there is a lot more you can do with a N.W.A game than you can do with a T.N.A, R.O.H. or W.W.E. for d*mn sure and you real pro wrestling fans know it bros. So do it up N.W.A pro wrestling the video game. An here learn somthing about the N.W.A ) This will be the best pro wrestling video game ever made for sure. So do it up for the love God ! 

Master of the Universe ( Good vs Evil you pick the side you want to be on and play online your friends at your side or agianst them. So you make the call in saving the Universe or Taking down the Universe. You can be the good guys where you can pick from the good side.  He-Man/Prince Adam,Battle Cat/CringerMan-At-ArmsTeelaStratos Zodac Man-E-Faces, Ram Manl,  Orko Buzz-OffMekaneckFistoStridorSy-KloneRobotoMoss ManSnout SpoutExtendarRio Blast Rock People The Sorceress of Castle Grayskull King Randor Clamp ChampRotarGwildorMeteorbsTytusKing GrayskullHe-RoThe Goddess and Wun-Dar. As the good side. Or you can be the evil side and pick from the evil sideSkeletorPanthorBeast ManMer-ManEvil-LynTri-KlopsTrap JawFakerJitsuNight StalkerWhiplashClawfulWebstorScreeechTwo-BadSpikorStinkorNinjorScare GlowTwistoidBlast-AttakBladeSaurodMegatorMutant WarriorEvil HordeHordakDragstorGrizzlorLeechMantennaModulokMulti-BotMosquitorThe Snake MenKing HissRattlor,Tung LashorKobra KhanSssqueeze, of Snake Face on evil side. )

even more ideas.

D3 3D ( Remember them trippy games. Will i say let Sega games make a new one where a girl goes to Tranylvania to her fathers castle to track him down and kill him once and for all. ) 

Catlevania: The Dark Lord  ( Since am talkin vampiers here i think a new Catleveania game would be ballin ass hard to see come out in 3D. With some maga creepy stroylines and cool re-makes of the Catlevania classic songs in the game would make me so hard. Because that is harder than 2 dudes.)

Zombies Ate My Neighbors ( A re-make of that old game with cool looking storyline clips and some bad ass game play action. )

Quantum Leap ( The Video game based of the t.v show and sidenote i also here there making a Quantum Leap movie. An to win in this game you must Leap Sam back into his own body here in the year 2014.) 

Macgyver: The Heist  ( Based off the t.v episode from Nov 3 1985. An American senator has $60 million in diamonds stolen from him by a Virgin Islands casino owner. MacGyver goes with the senator's daughter to steal the diamonds back from his high-security vault. A 2 player game with online play as well. Sidenote A Macgyver movie is in the works. ) 

Ninja Gaiden 4 3D: The Last Stand ( Now that is a action adventure game i could get into for the Wii.)

Mutant League sports games made by Sega needs to make a come back again with a Mutant League Baseball and Soccer ones this time around for these Muntant League sports games. Now that would be some fun MA sh*t right there buds.  

Pigskin Football 3D ( F*ck Mutant League football Pigskin Football for Sega was the sh*t and needs to be re-maked for todays world. ) 

N.F.L Joe Montana Football 2k15 ( By Sega. Since where talking football.) 

Bo Jackson Baseball 2k14 ( By Sega sports. ) 

GTA: Pittsburgh ( An this one takes place back in the 1970's.) 

R.O.H pro wrestling ( A first ever Rock Star games pro wrestling video game. An when in the storymode part of the game it play like a GTA game. ) 

Knuckles ( a spin off from the sonic games Knuckles gets his own video game. That will mix all the things we liked from the sonic games of the past. By Sega.) 

Spac Cowgirls ( 4 space cowgirls team up as the badest outlaws in space of all times in year 3069 just 9 years after the Grey aliens from the Bode's Galaxy have taking us away from earth to in slave us all. The Grey Alien races have taking the human race to live there lives in outer space as human's once did on earth but under the rules and there watch in ther biodome they have made for are prison. Yes by making the human's there own mother ship planted bio-dome they have in slaved all of the human race. An are 4 ladies here are going to brake out this bio-dome to track down and kill the head alien of all the races on the grey alien mother ship where the leader is based at right now. An are outlaws Jackie West the white one, Gwen Lee the asian one, Trish Nacy the Black one, Lita Gomez the mexican one will lie, cheat, steal and kill to get out of these locked down Bio-Dome to get the people back to earth. They will try to get us all back to are own Galaxy the Milky Way Galaxy and back home to earth. Before it's to late for the human race. Yes by way of using a black hole that will warp drive the Bio-Dome back to the Milky Way Galaxy by using the mother ship to pull the Biodome into the black hole to get us back home. So we can fly are space ship cars back to earth and be home for good. Grey  race vs human race who will win? Lucky for us the Space Cowgirls on the case. ) 

Bouns: Supman ( Based off the hit movie that just came out. )