We're back to count the amount of times Ronnie uses the word BRO in his conversations down in Miami.

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August 06, 2010

"Are you serious BRO?"

"You gonna do me like that BRO?"

"That's complete disrespect BRO."

"I did mad work tonight BRO."

"You know what I'm sayin' BRO."

(These five above were all in the first 2 minutes of Episode 2.)

(To Pauly D) "I don't remember anything from last night BRO."

(After Sammi goes through Ronnie's phonebook and an argument between them.) "Are you crazy BRO"

"It's a little awkward BRO."

Eight times on episode 2, is it going to climb again for next week?  We better hope Ronnie downs too many cups of Ron Ron juice to find out!