songs that me and my dudes jamed over the years.
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Published June 07, 2011

Lets get drunk and start a fight mo nucker!

#1: Nofx- Don't call me White (really me and my friends used to drink to the whole punk in Drublic cd all the time)

#2: Bad religion - Do what you want  (Bad Religion is still the sh*t!)

#3:The Doors - roadhouse Blues ( now who doesn't drink to that?)

#4: Tenacious D - f*ck her Gently (I used to like to put this one on in the morning and crack a beer to kill my hangover after a long night of drunking)

#5:Dropkick Murphys - drink and fight (good one to slam a few back really qwick to)

#6: Real Big Fish - Beer (i think we all had a beer or two to this one before)

#7: Sublime - Drunk Drivin (a nice little 30sec song you shot gun a beer to)

#8: Talking Head - Buring Down House ( always good for the mixers)

#9: Beck - Loser  ( the story of my life so it makes me want to tip a few fo damn sure.)

#10: Powerman5000 - Bomeshell (now if that doesn't get your blood pumpin you must be in a k whole)

#11: Static X - Push it (put that one on and ill be pushing it)

#12: White Zombie - More Human than Human  (I still jam that song when i get  wild)

#13 Lep Zeppelin - Immigrant song ( Now thats a Classic and a half baby!)

Been rocking out the new Dinosaur Jr. cd i Bet on Sky as of late myself.

#14: Goldfinger - Superman ( When I here this song now a days I feel like Roy Munson)

#15: Van Halen - Runnin with Devil (I used to love singing this one all trashed. Hell i still do!)

#16: Stone Temple Pilots - Vasoline ( i jamed it out so much in the past i could never hear it agian and be ok with that)

#17: Jane's Addiction - Jane Says ( I still dig this band )

#18: David Bowie (feat Nine Inch Nails) - I'm Afraid Of Americans

#19: Liam Lynch - my united States of whatever 

#20: The Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright ( so ture so ture)

#21: Easy E- Boys in the hood ( yep even my honky friends and i dig Easy)

#22: Blood for Blood- goin' down the bar  ( now thats a real drinking song)

#23: Hank Williams Jr. - Family tradition ( when i drink with the family is one is always on the list on are way to getting sh*t face.)

#24: Dead Kennedys - to Drunk to Fu*k ( and i have rolled down the steps because i was to drunk to F*ck)

#25: GG Allin - When I die ("when i die put that bottle in my hand because it was my only friend". So they did that for him a least when he had a OD and died)

Well am off to drink som beers and jam out some Lords of Acid when on the hunt of some sweet  ass punany. So PEACE iT!


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