Vince is doing coke, a new tequila is in town and Sasha Grey is still there. Here's 8 reasons we're STILL watching Entourage.

Ari “Mel Gibson” Gold

The content of these tapes had better be on par with Mel’s after all of the fuss created over them. Hopefully Ari is asking Lizzy to blow him and someone is posting an auto-tune remix on YouTube as we speak. 

The Character Expansion of Jake: Ari’s Assistant

We wanted to know more and Doug Ellin delivered big time. Turns out, a defining trait in Jake’s character is his willingness to believe any bit of information thrown his way, no matter how improbable. Upon overhearing Ari say that Howard Stern would be the new Jeopardy host, without a thought in his brain Jake reacted, “Is Howard Stern really hosting Jeopardy?” What a lovable moron. 

Shalom Lenny Kravitz

Looks like Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire, really opens up a lot of doors, surprising cameos wise. Do you think PPL (Pre Precious Lenny) would be Jewing it up on HBO? Absolutely not, but now we’re talking PPL (Post Precious Lenny) and I wouldn’t question it if he popped up on Big Love, Mormoning it up. 

Billy Walsh: Life Director

After being absent for three seasons, Billy comes back sober as a church mouse, equipped with a shorter do and on the prowl to mend some lives. He’s creating a cartoon based around Drama, he will get Vince off the drugs in the end, and he will remind E that he’s still the most annoying part of this operation.

Liquor Stores Are The New Six Flags

I remember when Smirnoff Blueberry hit the shelves of local liquor stores. Must’ve waited in line for an hour, so anxious was I to taste this nectar that a couple of people were clamoring about. And those people weren’t even celebrities so I can only imagine how long people waited in line on what appeared to be 3 PM on a Tuesday to purchase the new Tequila that Aquaman tweeted about. 

Who Is The Real Sasha Grey?

What happened to the Sasha Grey whose ideal Sunday consisted of an indie movie and breakfast fare? Tequila, cocaine? More like Sasha I’m going to lead you out of the bright, white spotlight and into this Grey-ish drug filled world. Is she a porn star with eclectic tendencies or an eclectic woman who loves dick?  


This man is taking chances and showing his diversity. First he appears, as the head of a major record label in Get Him To The Greek, then as a smooth operating rapper/actor in the Ciroc commercials, and now as himself talking about Ciroc. Let’s gooooooooo!!!

Vince's Fallback Career as a Comedian

Vincent Chase’s guide to comedy: Replace a word in a commonly used expression. Crack up. Clarify the original expression. Crack up again. Example: “My fingers are sealed. Hahahahhahaha. Instead of, ‘my lips are sealed.’ Hahahahahhahaha. 

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