The Internet has completely revolutionized the way we communicate, the way we think, and the way we get annoyed by ads. Whoever thought we might one day receive "personal" emails from the CEOs of large corporations? Or that Facebook ads could know if we happen to like fish tacos or Neil Diamond cover bands? (What? Have you not heard Surreal Neil belt out 'Cracklin' Rosie?') One of the most irritating new advertising strategies occurs on Twitter where companies try perhaps a little too hard to incorporate trending topics into their tweets. Here are the 10 most blatant examples of actual sponsored tweets:

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September 26, 2011


#IWannaSlap Radio Shack for this sponsored tweet.


#WorstThingsAboutBeingSingle  You eat at Arby's.


Come on Best Buy, you can do better than this.  Idea for next year: "Check out our BluRay players because we no longer sell VCRRRRRRS!"

#UKnowUHungryWhen, #FastFoodAddiction

From the folks who brought you the Double Down.  #WhyAmericaIsFat


Really?  From "Where's the beef?" to "Don't fumble your hamburger?" Dave Thomas must be rolling over in his square-shaped grave.  Might as well just raise your prices $6 and change your name to Qwikster while you're at it.


This one is just baffling.  But then again, so are the people who follow Chili's on Twitter.


Apparently the Dorito's social media marketing guy is a total stoner. #MakesSense


Sometimes companies try to start their own trending topics:

Thanks for clarifying the time zone, Oreo.  Is that 2PM Central?


#IfTwitterWereHighSchool, Nextag would be your cheesy algebra teacher who sings songs about the quadratic formula and wears fish ties on Fridays.


Okay, this one is actually pretty good.  Well played, Old Navy.

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