Top 10 List

( Top Reasons to vote Green Party every time you rock the vote !  ) 

#10. The Green Party is all about the green party ;-) if you know what am sayin dude a ;-) 

#9. Show the government you really do hate them an vote green party. 

#8. Waste your vote on the sure losers , so when things go bad ( as they do )  you can say i didn't vote for anythings of assh*ls man ! ( i do ) 

#7. Vote Green Party ! So you can make all the Democrat and Republican jokes you want with out being a hypocrite ! 

#6. So if your a Green Party member you can vote in both the republican and democratic primaries ( i do vote for the sure losers and then vote against both the democratic and republican whenever i can. Take pride in by voting for the loser underdogs.  ) 

#5. Just so you can post up green party stuff online come the election days.

#4.  if your already a weird person the green party might be right for you , hey just sayin you know ;{O 

#3.  Green Party = FTW 

#2. 3rd Party President just sounds good. 

#1.  Be the first one to vote in family by voting green party win rocking the vote my fellow Americans. 

( VOTE ) 
Keep American Dreaming 


The sexual quiz

1. Can you be killed or kill some one by having but sex?
 Yes or NO

2.How deep is a women vagina
A. 3inches & stretchs to 6inches
B. 6inches & stectchs to 8inches
C. 8inches & stecths to 10
D. none of the above

3. can you reach a women's birth canal during sex?
    Yes or No

4.  How meany women did Wilt "the stilt" Chamberlain sleep with?
A. 20,000
B. 100
C. 50,000
D. none of the above

5. can you have sex with a women when she is on the rag? 
Yes or No

6.  how big did Jhon Holmes say his Dick was?
A. 12
b. 13
c. 15
d. none of the above

7.  can you get a virus just from giving head?
  yes or no

8.  what is the % of people who stay a virgin there whole life?
A. 3% 
B. 5%
   C. 25%
   D. none of the above

9. is the smell of cinnamon a aphrodisiac for men
  Yes or No

10.  When can you have sex with herbs with out passing them on?
A. Only when not having a out brake
b. Any time
c. never
d. none of the above

11. Most women can only have an orgasim by way of clitoral stimulation. ture or fails

Bouns: What Cast has spread more STD's  in the world?
A. Real World L.A
B. Jersey Shore
C. Real housewives of Orange County
D. The Jerry Spinger Show

answers: 1. Yes  2. A  3. yes  4.A  5 yes  6.A  7.yes  8.A  9.yes  10.A  11. Ture
 Bouns A
if you got  11-9= SiCO!  8-5 Little creepy  4-0= Naive