So on here there is new movie ideas & sexual related quiz. yep folks its the OLD 2 for 1ner! click it!
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movie ideas that could be a t.v show, web series or what ever!

"Country Bar"  (A new college has just opened in Dickinson North Dakota where there is an old bar just outside of town called the like The Lake Front Bar and Gril (a total piece of sh*t) is up for "sale" out on Patterson Lake that the college kids want as there bar. So they talk x-wwe superstar and now local wrestler into buying up the place for them under his name after meeting him after a local pro wrestling show in the college gym. So they can have a college a bar now called HARDCORE's bar. Where there is live music with live wrestling and lots of drunk young people drama. The thing is the city has no idea what so ever about what is going on here out on Patterson Lake (being that the money the kids gave Bob "Hardcore" Holly didn't go into paying for the abandoned bar but into fixing it up.) An when the cops find out whats up out here things are going to get sticky around town for a whole lot of people. Where talkin comedy, drama and lots of action of both kinds ;-)

"Poker Face" ( Back in the wild wild west days there was a man by the name of James Jacobson. He was a runaway slave that lived to play poker. An yes he was one hell of a shark at it. On the run from town to town as a black man most who played poker with him had the thinking as if he was a dumb n word that didn't know nuttin. But old James Jacobson always had a plan. Killing honkeys over his winning ways and womanising all the white women from town to town is what this man does in his never ending quest of freedom. Once you go black you never come back because James Jacobson "owner" Ricky Dean Logan is killing off the ladies he has had sex with in order to find his man and kill him dead for running away for the farm the has went under because of James. Will Ricky get his man or will James never be found or better yet they kill each other in a show down at the end.)

"AA" (The story life story of an in the closet gay man that is a drunk ass baseball player in AA both ones but he stil gets all kinds of f*cked up anyways and it's really f*cking up his game both ways.)

"i and i" ( The Buddha story.)

"Watch the Corners" ( A full on movie or what have you about what the Dinosaur jr. song "Watch the Corners is about" staring the same people from the music video.)

"Co-Bro" ( A comedy cartoon movie for the kids about over coming the odds in life. Staring Team Co-Bro from the WWE doing the voice overs.)

"Crime Time" ( A gang of white rich people are robbing the city of Pittsburgh dry in more ways than just bank robbery. An know one even can see it coming. Until now because old double AA Austin Aries the double agent is going to put a stop to all this from the inside if he doesn't get killed first.

"Sexting" ( The Booty Call game has never been so much fun and it's never been sexyer because it's 2013 an that means it's time to take things to a whole new level of kinkey.)

"Born for This" ( aka How to make it in Hollywood in todays world staring Amanda Bynes and what ever washed up actresses we can get are hands on. So it's kind of like Ontourage meets the Vagina Monologues meets real life meets the Real World.)

"Chucky vs The Puppet Master"


kind of sexual quiz

1. Can you be killed or kill some one by having but sex?
 Yes or NO

2.How deep is a women vagina
A. 3inches & stretchs to 6inches
B. 6inches & stectchs to 8inches
C. 8inches & stecths to 10
D. none of the above

3. can you reach a women's birth canal during sex?
    Yes or No

4.  How meany women did Wilt "the stilt" Chamberlain sleep with?
A. 20,000
B. 100
C. 50,000
D. none of the above

5. can you have sex with a women when she is on the rag? 
Yes or No

6.  how big did Jhon Holmes say his Dick was?
A. 12
b. 13
c. 15
d. none of the above

7.  can you get a virus just from giving head?
  yes or no

8.  what is the % of people who stay a virgin there whole life?
A. 3% 
B. 5%
   C. 25%
   D. none of the above

9. is the smell of cinnamon a aphrodisiac for men
  Yes or No

10.  When can you have sex with herbs with out passing them on?
A. Only when not having a out brake
b. Any time
c. never
d. none of the above

11. Most women can only have an orgasim by way of clitoral stimulation. ture or fails

Bouns: What Cast has spread more STD's  in the world?
A. Real World L.A
B. Jersey Shore
C. Real housewives of Orange County
D. The Jerry Spinger Show

answers: 1. Yes  2. A  3. yes  4.A  5 yes  6.A  7.yes  8.A  9.yes  10.A  11. Ture
 Bouns A
if you got  11-9= SiCO!  8-5 Little creepy  4-0= Naive


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