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Why finding a life time friend is so dang hard these days.
Published June 21, 2011 More Info »
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My Little Budy
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Published June 21, 2011

Why i have no Friends.

#25. You wake up like the guy from the pic you clicked on. & this is a every weekend thing that they do to you.

#24. some people just can't get over sh*t so why even try to nice.

#23. The fact is some people are just to big of d*cks to hangout with.

#22. They take you out to cheat on your wife just so they can show her the pics so they can f*ck her.

#21.They only come over to use your sh*t & eat your food.  

#20. Doing the same sh*t and hearing the same storys over and over agian gets old after a few years so i think it would be best to meet new people. 

#19.  Seen how they really feel about you on facebook & they f in hate you.

#18. The wife and kids will not let you have friends so why even try to keep them.

#17. You can't have a full time job and friends at the time.

#16. your phone call keep droping there call so they just stop talking to you together for good.

#15. That Camping trip that went so wrong you think you might be gay now.

#14. Am into God there not so they much fun of me for it bad. Know one needs that now you hear.

#13. Had sex with there sister & mother. (one i let slide but both at the same time come on!)

#14. They have banged ever X you ever had when you where dating them.

#15. You fights over sports so make bets that away end up with you dress up like a your a triped out retared in public.

#16. after so meany times of not paying up on bets someone has to get there ass kicked.

#17. They act like Tracy Moragan when around your gay son.

#18. After the 3 time of them making sh*t my pants its over bud!

#7. They think its funny to tell the worst storys about your life to ever one you  meet.

#6. Its hard to stay a friend of a Kleptomaniac.

#5. There all in jail because they got busted with weed you sold them.

#4.  Most people don't like me bummin off them my whole life.

#3. A bromance can't last forever in the cold november rain.

#2. They stop talking to you after you go rehab.

#1 i can only take geting hit in the balls so meany times before you have to hook me up with a women that will hit my balls with her ass.

(But it's ok because i'll be your friend till the end.)

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