Great Odin's raven, Anchorman returns. Let's all celebrate with these GIFs.

Jumping for joy!

Stop what you are doing and listen.

This burrito is delicious but it is filling.

That's how I roll.

Brick, where did you get a hand grenade?

60% of the time, it works every time.

Brian Fantana.

Super Duper!

Why don't you go back to your home on Whore Island?

Channel 4 News Team.

Fare thee well, Baxter. You shall always be friend of the bears.

Where did you get those clothes? At the toilet store?

I'm gonna punch you in the ovary.

I'm in a glass case of emotion.

I'm riding a furry tractor.

Loud Noises!

I would like to extend to you, an invitation to the pants party.

I'm Ron Burgundy?

I'm kind of a big deal.