F*CK TANGO LESSONS, EYEBROW WAXING, AND SOME WERID CAKE-BAKING CLASS. YO – ASSHOLES. Last I checked we (the american public) are still in recession and these adventures you have me chasing are driving me further into the black hole known as DEBT.
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Published: June 21, 2011

What People Really Want on GROUPON

1.  $50 dollars worth of condoms for 10 dollars

2.  600 diapers for the cost of 2 McDonald's extra value meals

3.  A large tax break for 20 dollars

4.  700 dollars worth of gas for 60 big ones

5.  4 bottles of Jim Beam for 30 dollars


6.    2 for 1 school tuition

7.   $12.99 for 3 hookers (50 dollar value)

8.   20 Tampons for 2 dollars (for those with a heavy flow- this includes super-plus)*

9.   2 ex- husbands that pay child support for a one time fee of $ 9.99 (great value)

10. 7 days of medical treatment for the price of a 24 pack of miller high- life (limited amount- act now)