This is DenBob's famous Divorce Diet. Works every time!

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August 19, 2010

DenBob's Divorce Diet!


    DenBob's DIVORCE DIET is the easiest and most assured way to lose weight fast! First of all, have your soon to be ex-wife fall out of love with you and tell you she thinks the best solution is divorce. Ok, are you with me? But wait---it gets better!

You'll notice a drastic difference almost immediately as the pounds start melting away like a snowman in July. Not only will you not feel like eating, you will sleep hardly a wink --- which means you'll be awake longer to see and feel the difference!

You may lose a healthy portion of your self-esteem, some friends, step-children, possibly your job --- and even your liver as you'll notice that all alcohol suddenly tastes better and your thirst will need constant quenching. That's ok. I'm told this a normal reaction to divorce and the symptoms should fade in a few years --- like your wedding photos--- If not, a team of archeologists should be consulted. But --- oh, that weight loss!

Your pants will be looser than a Vegas hooker as you bore another notch in your belt --- and your shirts will hang off your drooping shoulders and your hair may thin out a bit and possibly turn grayish --- but you will hardly recognize “the new you” --- and neither will your loved ones, if there are any left...

But I'm telling you --- those pounds will just melt away like butter in the Scottsdale sun and you will see a whole different person staring back at you in the mirror… One that is wiser, much older looking, a tad more cynical perhaps, but one that is ready to conquer the world and maybe even buy a red corvette! Try DenBob’s Divorce Diet today --- you won’t believe the results!!!