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October 16, 2011

10 Step Guide to being a Hipster in LA

Guide To Being A Hipster In LA

(A 10 step comprehensive outline of how to be as hip as the guy in the Prius next to you)

(a list written by comic/actress-Sara Weinshenk)

1.Buy black-framed glasses- even if you don't need them and even if they don't have an actual prescription.

2. Wear Plaid-own a lot of it, have an array of colors, and when it gets hot, tie that shit around your waist, and expose your super deep v-neck

3. Talk about your latest artistic endeavor, even if you don'€™t have one.

4. Attend farmers markets  & eat off of  "€œorganic"€ food trucks

5.Buy Toms Shoes, (your charity work is officially done for 2011, you helped a kid in Africa~well played)

6. Work hard to look dirty or grungey- but still smell nice

7. Tell people you shop only at Trader Joes, but than sneak off to whole foods for your weekly fix of Kombucha and Kale. 

8. Go to a hot yoga class & on the way home light up a cigarette (American Spirits only- because you are a healthy bitch)

9. Complain that you are a starving artist as you drive to intelligentsia coffee for your fucking 10-dollar latte

10. Study some shit that Buddha said and than tattoo it on your wrist 


(Hipsters in LA mostly reside in silverlake, echopark, atwater village, venice, los feliz, & downtown LA, these are the primary locations to sight people  this hip-but like many other subcultures hipsters can be found in a variety of places) 

Please also note that many hipsters enjoy picnicking with their latest organic produce.