Talent is a very special thing in this world and there is no industry that abuse it more than that of the Sports Industry. Because when it comes to sport, many athletes decided to give their special gift up for the finer things in life, champagne, STD's and animals....

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October 12, 2012

Joel Monaghan

Joel Monaghan

If you have not heard of Joel Monaghan then get ready too because after reading this his name will be etched in your memory till the day you walk up to the pearly gates to meet Saint Peter. You see Joel was a rather good Austrailian rugby league player, tauted by many as one of the best players to grace the game, he enjoyed a great season with the Canberra Raiders in 2007 However in 2008 he was caught with his trousers down ... on a drunken bender with his mates one of them snapped an unfornaute pictures that still haunts Joel to the very day. A picture of him taken with a dog licking his genitals.... Oh dear Joel.... Oh Dear

Tommy Simpson


Tom Simpson

Back in the day he was Great Britain’s most gifted rider, Simpson was a superstar of his day becoming this country’s first ever Road Race World Champion. Unfortunately Tommy was powered by hardcore substance abuse. He died at the age of 30 from a heart attack attempting to climb Ventoux on a blisteringly hot day with a nice breakfast of brandy and amphetamines. Empty tubes of amphetamines were found in his racing jersey and subsequent evidence of his drug problems has since emerged, with pre-race courses of strychnine being amongst them. His much deserved Tour de France stage win was to ever elude him.

Paul Gascoigne


From being the world’s most valuable player after Italia ’90 to turning up with a bag of snacks and a fishing rod for Raoul Moat during the infamous stake out, Gazza’s career can best be described as up and down. His early prodigious talent was honed at Newcastle United and then Spurs, but after THAT tackle in the FA Cup Final in 1991, he would never be the same player. Injury prone with a fondness for booze and fags he has also battled mental health problems that have seen him drift from club to club and then into obscurity

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson

The world’s youngest heavyweight champion, Iron Mike had a ferocious style that had opponents knowing defeat was inevitable before a bell was rung. He won the WBC title in 1986 at the age of twenty and was expected to reign for years but a conviction for rape in 1992 set his career back four years. Despite retaining the title, biting Evander Holyfield’s ear halted his career once more and defeat to Lennox Lewis saw it dwindle away. 

I would like to mention that Mike is now persuing a career in acting and is doing rather well. 

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong

Our newest edition to the world of shamed sport stars and second from the world of cycling. Lance Armstrong the brave man who came back from testicular cancer to win the tour de france seven times protested his innocence for a number years over alleged doping claims. Well now he is now longer protesting and all the evidence has come flying out and it looks like he seems to have done more durgs the Rolling Stones put together. Stripped of his winnings and medals it has been a huge fall of grace that will stun the world of cycling forever.

John Daly

John Daly

The man who taught Ian Poulter how to dress, Daly has always been one of golf’s most colourful characters. A two-time major winner, the 45-year olds personal life held him back from potentially many more accolades. Alcohol and gambling addictions, in which he lost between $50 - $60million, became a constant thorn in his side. As was his temperament, he was suspended in 1994 for quitting the Kapalua International halfway through.

Marion Jones

At the turn of the millennium Jones was the world most feared women’s athlete. Five medals at the Sydney Olympics confirmed that status and were sure to be the start of a dominant era for the Californian. However, after lying to federal investigators regarding the use of steroids she was jailed for six months and forced to return all medals dating back to the Sydney games.

Brien Taylor


George Steinbrenner, the legendary former New York Yankees owner, once said that the club should be shot if they let Taylor get away. Quite a compliment. Signed first in the NBL draft by the Yankees, Taylor’s poor high school results held up his signature but whilst defending his brother one night, his career collapsed overnight. Looking to enact revenge from a fistfight, Taylor dislocated his left shoulder and tore his labrum, losing pace in his pitch he was never the same again.

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