Top 10

So your a single cougar looking to bond with your adult daughter who is single. Right ! Well his sign ! 

#10. Pull a Freaky Friday ( A Freaky Friday is when a mom is the wingwoman for her daughter so her daughter can get laid by a older guy. An the daughter is the wingwoman for her mom so her mom can have sex with a younger guy is what we call a Freaky Friday here in the U.S.A. ) 

#9. Work over a Glory Hole together ( A truck stop near you two ladies will work just fine. ) 

#8. Mechanical Bull Ring together ( An before you know it you will be ringing cocks all night long woo ! . ) 

#7. Mother Daughter Porn (  You could learn a thing or two from each other fucking dudes on tape. ) 

#6. 2 for 1 hookers ( Yo it's just safer that way ladies. )

#5. Become Strippers together ( or just hit up the strip clubs either way your getting dicks all over you two. ) 

#4. Become dominatrixes togehter ( An so them men your slaves #FeelThePower ) 

#3. Get jobs working at the Coyote Ugly together ( An now you two can hand pick your fuck buddies every night. Hooters also works. ) 

#2. Make and deal meth together ( Because people will always trade sex for drugs it's just a fact of life people. ) 

#1. Have an Orgy ( POOL PARTY AT MY PLACE ! )

Keep em cumming ladies

Well that is all the time i have for you ladies today. So enjoy your bonding time together making lasting memories. Now get off !