Things i want to see happen.
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Published August 22, 2012

i want it all.

Sega Dreamcast 2. Thats right i said it Dreamcast 2, f*ck Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all at the same time with Sega Dreamcast 2. (An yes i have heard it will be coming about somtime in 2013 and yes am so getting one.)

 A few sluts out there that don't have any STD's or drug addictions would be nice. (What ever happen to hot skanky ass chicks just wanting to f*ck anyways?)  

New episodes of  the X-Men cartoon on Adult Swim on saturday nights would be pimp if it's rated t.v MA or at least t.v 14. ("All "they" have to do is get the right from Fox from the old catoon and make sure it's cool with Marvel and where on are way people." That or bring back the adult version of Ren & Stimpy you know the one they tryed out on Spike T.V but it didn't do so hot. Well bring that back with new eps would be a hell of an idea right?.)

For the iON T.V network and others like it to get there own shows so they can stop showing Criminal Minds 24/7. (But at least iON has a wrestling show now.)

Chuck Taylor pumps (Because all i rock are Chuck Taylor's.)

What ever happen to renting movies and games in person with out cardit card. The  good old day of renting needs to make a come back along side the VHS tape. (But yet i guess i'll just stick to stealing my movies, music and games off on-line sites like everyone else does nowadays.) P.S you didn't hear that.

A new SK8 or die video game "SK8 or Die 2013." (Yep i always was a really sh*tty as hell of a skater but the games are fun to play even if i am a poser.)

Some Night clubs that play real music. F*ck all this dj cheese ball crap already. get the bands back. (Because am just too much of an old dorky ass white guy to be dancing my hart out to pop and rap songs at the club all night. Just trying to get laid with my making an ass out of myself cheese as hell goofball dance moves. + am getting a little long in the tooth for all that BS.)  

Boxer Shorts that hold my forever more and more sagging nut sack in place just right and also that them boxer shorts don't let my wang slip out them ever time i move around would be nice. (if i wanted that i would just free ball it yo.)

and i want it now.

i want to hear a song done by Bucket Head, Les Claypool and Tommy Lee jaming out together on a trippy ass new jam for the radio to play out.

A battle of the real bands show. Because am so f in sick of all this X factor and other shows like that with there lame ass sh*t. So sick of this corproate mumbo jumbo getting slammed into my brain 24/7. (An now i have to take a sh*t!)

Them shorts that had all the pockets on them that go down to your ankels with the hidden stash pocket. Jankels or what ever there called. They need to make a come back. So if you know where i kind find a few pairs let a honkey know about it my peepz for dat my sh*t right there big Katz. 

What ever happen to cheap 30packs of beer for 10$? (You Know am trying to hang out with a friend or two and get are buzz on together. Not buy a 12pac for 10$ bucs and get drunk when waxing it alone as i watch others get there f*ck on VHS because thats all a f*cking 12pac is going to do for me you all. An yes am doing that right now.

Hairy Vaginas. Just trim it up every now and then ladies and where cool in my book.There is no need for a bald eagle ladies because adults have hair down there um k girl!

XFL Europe. (Come on Vince we all know you have the money for it and just so you don't have to fight with the NFL for ratings we can even have the league play there games during the NFL off season.)

A ROH wrestling video game and for the MYTV network to bump there show up to a 2 hour show would be nice. (Look it's never going to be big time in ROH like is for TNA if you don't do sh*t to bring in the fans trust me ROH you have the wrestlers now you all need the game.)

What ever happen to Skittles Gum. that and Starburst gum is what i want da*n it!

three National Lampoon's moives i want to see down and that is "Animal House the next Generation" also "Revenge of the New Nerds" and last "LD Classes 2013 The Party Hard Addition."

what ever happen to real good weed for cheap. That sh*t needs to make a come back at a super cheap price and fast because am getting burnt out the the mids big time.

A t.v show called "Celebrity Vouples in Counseling." (i mean really celeberity people don't  go dating each other for love or anything like that, because all about the fame game son. it's bad enuff that we already have are heads up your asses as it is. Don't stick it in even more you ego triping BS.)

Also i want the NHL to stop being pussys so we can get back to playing some old time hockey not this cry baby crap we got going on ever since the last time they came back after a stirke. An yes f*ck this current NHL 2012-2013 season strike BS!  GET BACK TO WORK! Before all the Canadian's lose there da*n minds up there A.