The "worst" in the title is a little misleading since these are all sorts of awesome. And for that, we'd like to thank these actors' directors, for it was they who must've walked to the craft services table for a snack while the scenes in question were shooting.

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1. Hercules is Disappointed

Oh Hercules. Perhaps you wouldn't be so disappointed if you didn't incorporate the script's stage direction into your dialogue. To be fair, fans of this show may have needed things really spelled out for them, so in that case, well done, Mr. Sorbo. 

2. Ryan O'Neal stars in "Oh God Oh Man"

The actual name of the movie is "Tough Guys Don't Dance." They also don't read their mail in their homes. Nope. Mail is to be read while perched over the ocean. There, and only there, is the only acceptable place to react appropriately. 

3. Troll 2: Oh My Goooooooooooooooood

Speaking of terrible line readings that include the words "Oh" and "God," let's take a peek at a clip from Troll 2, a film that its core, is pretty much a primer for new actors. "Take roles where people are eaten. Instead of reacting with emotion, just extend one of the words in a songlike manner. We know it's complicated. See video for an example."

4. The Worst and Best Line in Happy Gilmore

Alright, I don't really want to shit on the guy who was clearly just a proud parent who won some sort of "Say A Line in an Adam Sandler Movie" contest at his kid's school's silent auction. But I'm going to anyway: Not only is that the worst line reading I've ever seen in a major movie, but it's topped off with that proud head bob -- like he just NAILED IT. "I'll take my starring role where I can awkwardly say normal things, thank you." 

5. Too Bad. You. Will Die.

If you've never seen Mortal Combat: Annihilation, do yourself a favor: get to your local Hollywood Video and then get something else. Maybe every season of Newsradio? Whatever, just not this. That is unless, you're a FAN OF AMAZING ACTING. See below: 

6. Shark Attack 3: Take You Home and Eat Your P....

Okay, so that one wasn't so bad, right? Like totally competent delivery and reading of any line that's not "what do you say I take you home and eat your pussy." Though as the nonplussed reaction given by the eatee, that's clearly that's what we all do when we're wired. Totally normal pick-up line delivered in a totally normal way. 

7. Any Line said in "The Room"

You didn't think we'd forget this one, right? Since we're only choosing one line, let's go with "I did not hit her." But let's be honest, if there were no such things as "Copyright Laws," we'd post this whole movie. It's pretty much the Michael Jordan of bad line readings (not counting Michael Jordan's line readings in Space Jam).