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Wacky things i have had said to me when people get pissed off at me.
Published January 14, 2012 More Info »

Yeah what ever Ho!

it looks like the best part of you ran down your daddyz balls you but dart!

i hope you didn't eat yet because am about to whips the sh*t out yah ass boy!

Go suck a fart out your moms ass you dang creep!

When is the last time you seen your dick you fat ass!?

Yeah what ever you minute man why don't you just go back to cuming on your balls you little dick prick!

                     What do you want for your last meal bitch! Because its on!

ou ou ou! Yo ass is so nasty it looks like Sloth f*cked Willow and you poped out sloths ass you little piece of sh*t!

                 God i just feel like killing myself just to get away from your dumb ass.





No Bro not Cool.

Why don't you take this dilldo & go f*ck your self you fagit ass piece of sh*t!

Good Lord fat boy its look like you ate uncle Fester.

Yeah ok CapEm i'll get right on that right after i get off your mom you f*cking asshole licker!

i bet your the kind of guy who beats of in the gym room showers yah douchebag!

You best lub up beacuse your ass is mine now sucker!

Why are you suck a big turd you f in gayball.

I would kill you but i don't want to make your life any better you loser.

                      Get a job & take a shower you wanta be hippie dirtball mo-nucker!

                                        Get a life you a worthless bum! Jerry is Dead.

                                                 Just die already you wast of space.

                                                  You put the Ding in Lips.

"Yeah thanks To internet or should i say Al Gore am not just geting bad mouthed to in person but now on online every sec of day." "So how about next time you get the feeling like you want to talk shit about someone why don't you just click over to the prono you where just looking at an grap what ever is close to you & go F*ck your self."

BLOW iT Out Your Ass!



Jake the snake


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