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pick up lines and a movie idea.
Published January 06, 2011 More Info »

Hey Ladies ! Does this hard on make me look fat };-) 

You got a nice camel toe going on there baby , so can i ride the camel }'-) 

Do fries cum with that shake ? ( Now hit my music ! ) 

You look like a cook ={) so could you be a solid an beat my meat ? 

You sure can handle your balls ;-) hi am ( your name here ) 

Tell your podiatrist you also have Foot Fetish. 

Take a load off };-P

Cum one Cum all , because where all going to get laid !

When you get off tonight , do you feel like getting off tonight ;-O you know !

Am rich. 

Stuck in a Pickle ( Rated R )

Stuck in a Pickle ( Rated R ) - ( Jacob Paul is 30 years old youngest of 3 old baby Jake , was a broke ass loser living with his retired parents his mom Terrie and His dad David as a broke as a joke unemployed drunk pot head loser , until now ! You see Jacob Paul with a loan from his parents , started up his own Pickle company here in his home town called Pittsburgh called Paul's Pickles and Paul's Pickles has blowing up becoming a world wide company that is publicly traded , an now Jacob Paul is a billion air , still living in the house he grow up in , and has moved his retired parents his mom the ex long time waitress and his dad the ex rail road worker into a nice beach house in isle of Palms Beach in SC. An as for his sister and brother they don't come around much because they got what they wanted from their little brother Jake and that's money. So now billion air Jake lives alone in the home he grow up in , just a lonely guy , in need of some true love in life , because his ready for a wife and a life outside of work. An so two ex girlfriends of his are back in town. His first true love 33 year old Bethany Cook is back for Austin Texas where she has been the past 12 years. Where she had been struggling with drinking and drug issues , has  had 3 kids with 3 different guys and is now fighting for Custody of all 3 kids. But since she is struggling so bad down in Texas she talks old Jake here into letting her stay with him until she can get her shit together as she fights for her kids ( Jake pays for the lawyers ). ( They been chat online and on the phone over these past 12 years just so you know ) so now these Beth and Jake are living together  for now. But also back in town struggling to fine work and flat out just stuggling life  27 year old Jaymee Stetter ( No kids never married ) is back in town taking care of her sick mom who has lung cancer and she is looking for work. So Jake gives Jaymee a job a manager  aka his right hand women ( Jake and Jaymee still chat online before all this happens just so you know )  An so at work Jake Jaymee are together and at home Jake and Bethany are together in this love triangle and so since Beth and Jaymee are both in Jake live now they become friends making things even harder on Mr. Jacob Paul aka Jake on who he really is in love with because Jake loves them both more than life it self and they both love jake so much , but a call must be made on who Jake will make his lover. An so in the end Bethany get her kids back , takes Jaymme job as head manager spot for Paul's Pickles and gets her own place and is BFF with Jake and Jaymee , Because Mr. Jacob Paul and Miss. Jaymee Stetter get married and Jaymee is pregnant and is going to be a stay at home mom and as for Jaymee's mom she beat the cancer and has giving the OK for the Jake and Jaymee thing after looking down a Jake before she know what kind of guy he really is when he steps in to pay her medical bills and get to know her person to person level. Look movie makers use whatever names you , want , in whatever city you want , but her is the plot outside so do what you must with this idea to make it a thing as always with ideas that come up um k champs thanks !   ) 

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