Things you never ever say to a the ladies my man.
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not the best things to say if you want some.

#1 big woop! your a home maker. why don't you get up of your dumbass and  get a real job for once in your worthless little life. 

2. Hey sweet cheeks i can see your Camel Toe. ( would you like me to lick it for you good my sweet

3. Opra is a stuped fat bitch and so are the rest of them talk show b*tches you love so much you no good c*nt.

4. Sorry sweet tits men are just better at doing everything it's in DNA and thats a fact my ladies.

5. O! i would so tap that ass of yours all night long your dirty b*tch!

6. I dont give two shits about your day or kids lady so f*ck off!

7. your a stupied c*nt face wh*re that needs to get off the d*mn streets yah crack headed chicken head!

8.Yo babe you make them jeans look fat and not in a good way baby. 

9. UOOUOO! Milk did not do that body any good at all ho!

10 So like could you dress any more crapyer you Freakin creepy a*s b*tch!

11. Ok yeah sure what ever you need to tell your self lady. 

its not going to last long saying sh*t like that now is it b*tches.

12. So yeah like yeah your mom stopped by to see you a few minutes ago so I told her to fuck off because i killed you and she was next if she keep it up. Right after i had sex with her twice that is my pet. UP TOP! 

13.Yo me and the guys are going  drunkin so am not  coming home tonight or ever agian so PEACE! Am out like boner in sweatpants my dear. O by the way the rents do. SEE YAH!

14. ILook b*tch id's gots to take this call because its your bosses wife." An she want some good d*ck tonight."

15.So look e here i know we only banged it out once being that we just meet an all but i have to tell you somthing and that somthing is that i love you and will always love forever and always my one and only soulmate. 

16. Look my freaky a*s chick Es i don't pull out and i allways get off first, So DEAL WiTH iT!

17. So i tell her i hate my life & everything in it so just leave me be for the love of god! 

18. why dont we get your better looking sister in the mix on this to sweetcheeks? ( Because am all drunken up and rock hard from my boner pills ladies so lets rock!) 

19. Look babe i promised myself a long time ago that you would never get married so don't ever bring it up ever you here me yah c*nt!.

20. So they say you cant get a job because you cant pass a piss test but really you just a dumb stupid ass b*tch of a ho fo sure.

21.So yeah babe i was the one who knock up her best friend at your B day party.

22.So yeah am going to go knock up your roomates old lady since am here an all.

23. What is you name agian. O thats right well i have to tell you somthing i have the clap. SO you might want to go see your DR. um k sweet thing. Alrighty then PEACE in the middle east babe. 


25. Are you ready for some butt sex a sexy monday night party!

26. A Bj would really hit the spot right about babe so get to the suckin pumpkin. 


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