So here are more cheese ass lines from your Uncle Bullfrog for the ladies.
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
E, X and LSD

O! O! O! O! YEAH!

Yep i think you let the dog out because my fly is down and am hard.

O yeah i can beam up your big O  with a Spocker and baby you will be living long and prospering all night!

My balls hurt could you rub them for me to make them feel better my dove.

you can get with me because i ant diseased.

if i do you from behind i'll do the time of raising the kids.

So your mother called me and she wants you to go on a date with me right now.

Yeah am not really into gang banging or anything like that but what the hell!

Since you f*cked every one i know i think am next in line right?

Hey tons of fun do you want it in the bum?

So if i told you i was rich would you suck my dick?

where do you find the time to look so fine when working for dime baby blue?

Am to old for this sh*t so why don't you just let me put it to your dumper inside this dumpster.

So if you let me step into the V i'll let you feel my chi.

What is short fat and hairy that can that can handle any load you have backed up in you? Yeah thats right baby it's Me ;-0 (an am talking both ways ;-) 

Would you like to be my first and only forever more and a day my sweetpea.

SOS i need you now.

How often do you cum because i have a feeling i could help you set a new recored?

i feel really stiff so could you rub it out for me please!?

Looks like your about to be f*cked hard little missy. 

Am rocked and ready an yes am open for anything and everything my sweet sexy ladies.  

My balls hurt so could you check them for me my love because i need your help 

Do you have a dime i could have beacuse i gots to call my momma to tell her am in Haven.

Hey ladies free sex over here and am even std free and and every thing my sweets.

i think am about to cry over how damn hot you are my boo boo.

Hey you  over there do you remever that one back in the day when that one thing happend to us, you know what am talkin about.  Right! 



D*mn girl it look like them lips on your camel could go for spirt of protein right about now by the looks of it sweet hart. 

i have 5inc and 5min if you want a ride. But it will cost you a drink my lady. 

Can my Beavis stick it your butt-head ha ha ha?

So would you like to help me with a  Rusty Venture tonight?

Yeah babe am a zip slip and dip and split man myself so if you need to stand i'll get up ;-).

Don't worry about lunch my sweet because i really do enjoy eating out daily.

So have you ever had sex in the city?

The Bone zone is calling you.

 i can tell you want to get geeky and freeky?

Do you like hair on your pussy or do i need to shave?

Did someone slip me a ruffy beacuse i see an angle.  
it looks like you could hold 5 in the back in 2 up fornt if you know whay am sayin babe.

DANG! LET ME LOOK AT YOU ONCE OVER DAMN  iT! Ok am going to go jackoff now i mean wash my hands. 

Lets go powder are nose. 

Hey sweetcheeks you can powder your nose at place because i have plenty of it if you know what am sayin ;-)

Just tell me what you want to hear an i'll say it.

"Am Rich with a big Dick and am STD free with no wife so life is good ladies o yes life is damn good babies. "