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real deal facts. (or so i think.)
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ever time am full of shit take a drink.
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Published August 20, 2011

i think its ture

Barack Obama is not the first black persident people his the first interracial persident. ( an too me his done a better job than any white guy ever did next lets get a asian women in there)

not a d*mn thing that white and 10 inc. (Well ever since the death John Homles anyways.)

The smuttier the prono the more money it makes. (Nasty as hell but a fact an also this is a fact i only watch cougar porn ages 40 -55  because this young chicks i been f*ckin around with are wacked out! So i dream for somthing diffrent yah see!)

%1 of the world's population owns 99% of the world's money. (and that is also why so meany good looking women f*ck there way to the top each year. Becaue if you got the look use the look girl because girl you best work it!.)

Everyone in the history of time has, does, doing it now and will masterbates in there adult life. Some just more than others thats all. (Yes even nuns.)

PEE Wee Herman & Pete Townshend are both perverts and should be in prison for being online petifiles. (So if sick, sick, sick an twisted basterders ever do anything like that for real am going to find you an kick you asses punks!.)

9 times out of 10 women are sleeping with you to get somthing from you that not the big O. ( because they have each other and vibraters for the bigest of Os'!
The only reason why weed is not legal is because most pot head do not vote. (P.S i vote every time because am a ture American for there are 2 down 48 to go here in the US.)

Never kiss a striper or a hooker on the lips. (because them STD will get yah every time! an am talking both lips son!)

You can do notting with your life and be rich as hell just look at the Hilton family and the Kardashian's. (as long you have a porno online and rick daddy that is your gold.)

So its 2013 an you best be bagin it befor you tag it everytime dudes an chicks.(for you heath ever gay chicks need some kind protection from them viral things STD's out there.)

Most women married to rick dicks want the dick from a low life peice of shit. (so that where i cum in. for only 10bucs and hours we can f*ck all day long. Call me all you milfs and cougars out there.)  

Real music is dieing fast and hard. (Thanks over played Pop Music, fake ass rap & techno you doing a hell of job!.)

If you can dream it then its just a dream an dosn't mean shit. (sorry but that the damn turth.)


Most people don't give two sh*t about a DA*M thing!.  (An thats why where all f*cked!)

in every trailer park home or place in the hood you will find Kool aid packs and chicken. (you see white people and black are so much more alike than you think.)

I have a hangover right now and need to stop with these dumass jokes that are not funny at all. ( big butts yet there is so much more too cum!)

Does she swallow? Well if you so dump her skanky ass because you know she cheatin on you my man. Just Trust me. An now i need to go bush my teeth.

2 in the pink and 5 in the brown is called a mini van. (Fact is it will give her the squirts out both ends.) HiYo!

Fact is that all Fact are not ture because the turth is only what we think is real for what is reality is only what are collective consciousness lets are minds eye see. (Just remember we used to think the world was flat.) For the fact is things are always an will always change in what we call the now for all there is is now.  


Am more full of sh*t than a 600 pound women.

Most people in jail and in prison are there for nonviolent crime. ("now thats gay")

Chuck Norris can still kick anyone's ass. ("Did you know the only person to ever kick his ass was Bruce Lee")

Sometime it does pay to do the crime. ("30 min or less out now on DVD and blue ray")

Weed is not a drug it's an herb my friends. (An the only thing it's a gateway too is cookies and cartoons)

You can show people geting killed and talk about killing on t.v all day long but you can't say F*ck or slip a nip. your it's over the line. (WHY!)

There is no such things as chicks with dicks there just dudes with tits.

To get your "red wings" you must eat a ladie out when she is on the rag. ( i have mine.)

If you don't use it you will lose it. ( an i lost mine a long time ago.)

Am a black out drunk 2 nights out of the week. (at least i can't remember all the nasty and dumb shit i do.)

We are in the matrix. (o its real its damn real.)

Religious extremists are some very lost souls. (When really all they need is a little ass play and some good weed. Not what ever BS there up to. )

More & more people everyday think alliens are real. (An my but hurts)

if you smoke weed when geting drunk as sh*t it will save you from having a wicked hangovers and black outs. (seen that on manswers)

There really are fang bangers out there. (got to love the undergound scene.)

This is the best website online thats not a porno website. (this is where i live my "life".)

Knowing is half the battel. (and the other half is kicking ass.) G.i Joe!

a lot people cry to keep for killing there self every night. (hell i know i do at same time as a beat off.)

i will never know what am talking about. (but that is how sh*t gets done.)

tits are real if you touch them. (no matter who made them.)

Am only half retarted. (the other half is drunk.)

it takes 3 days to fall in love.

Well am off to pay for a plumkin at a truck stop so i will see you crazy catz on the flip side.



DA BULLFROG  (P.M.S  am Fully Retarded.) 


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