You knew about Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus. You knew about Whitney and Cissy Houston. Hell, you probably even knew about Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson! But we bet you never knew about...

10 celebs who you never knew were related!

Ke$ha and the Lion King


Ke$ha's reference to eating human flesh and liver in her song "Cannibal" suddenly make a lot of sense.


Katy Perry and Marge Simpson


Not only do they have the hair in common, they also both have a disproportionally sizeable pair of globes (but not at the same height).



Joan Rivers and a Popple


Both celebs are funny, quite unpredictable and 30% made of plastic fibers.


Tyra Banks and the Cryptkeeper


Known for her constant weight fluctuations, Tyra Banks may have dropped a few pounds too many in 2011 and her relation to the Cryptkeeper could no longer be denied.


Britney Spears and Gene Kelly


It is not the physical resemblance, but common strange behaviours that has led us to realize that pop princess Britney Spears and umbrella store owner Gene Kelly are in fact related.