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movies you might not have seen that you need to watch.
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Cult Classics

1.Where the Buffalo Roam (staring Bill Murray as Hunter S Thompson and Peter Boyle as Lazlo)

2. Buffalo 66 (staring Christina Ricci)

3. Luther's Magic Weed (a Stoner comdey full of one liners to be out on DVD soon)

4. Black Circle Boys (its a ture story about some fucked up high school kids)

5. Cabin Boy (staring Chris Elliot and Andy Richter)

6. Chidren Shouldn't play with dead things (a 1972 Zombie flick)

7. Minus Man (a movie about a serial Killer staring Own Willson & Jeneane Garofalo)

8. American Movie (its a documentary on a movie maker that live in a trailer park)

9. Tyson (the Mike Tyson Story)

10. Repo The Genetic Opera  (Its a triped out Muiscal)

cult Classics

11. Fright Night (a cheese 80s Vampire flim) (they just made fright night 2011 by the way and it looks even cheeser than the 80s one)

12. Easy Rider (biker flick star Dennis Hopper) (but i beat you seen that one)

13.Tells from the hood (its like tells from the crypt just with black people in it)

14. The Warriors (I know you have seen it but I had to put it on the list)

15. Eight men out ( the story of the CHI Black Sox trowing the World Sears)

16. The Shift ( its a uplifting movie hell it even has Dr. Wayne Dyer in it)

17.  Ginger Snaps (super violent & kind of Creepy)

18.Redneck Zombies (1987)

19. Beer League (Artie Lang Wrote And Star in the flim)

20. The Hammer (Adam Carolla's movie)

21. Next Day Air ( I dont know way it flopped so bad)

22. Cannibal Holocaust (now thats a Horror flick)

23. Bobby G can't Swim (a movie about street life)

24. SUPER (a comedy made by IFC staring Ellen Page, Liv Tyler & Rainn Wilson with Kevin Bacon) 

25. Kankered(comedy flick and its going to be on the sundance flim feast this year)

26. The Lost Room (a SyFy original 3 part mini series Staring Peter Krause, Julianna Margulies, Dennis Christopher & Margaret Cho "Get it on DVD")

27. American Animal (a indie stoner typ flick)

28. Megan is Missing ( you realize how easy it is to fall victim to harm in this technological age.)

29. Winter's Bone (it's better than what your thinking its going be like)

30. Terrie ( Jhone C. Reilly is a High School Principal in it)

31. Major League (#4 will be out soon. "the Return of Wild Thing")

32. Deep Throat (this movie is the godfather of porno)

33. Scouts Honor (Hell Chris Katten is the star of it.)

34. Full Meatal Jack (I beat we all have seen this movie like a 1,000 time)

35. The Sitter (a Fat loser Jonan Hill becomes a sitter. "see it")

36. Wet Hot American Summer (best camp movie ever!)

most of these are good flicks.  So check them out when you get the chance.

P.S i know i cant spell so deal with it!


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