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When it comes down to it, "Gigli" gave us more than most Oscar winners.
Published April 11, 2011 Immortal More Info »

Hollywood's put out more than its share of terrible movies. No big revelation there. It's part of the deal we all agreed to when Hollywood began. "We pay you money and you diisappoint us? Sold." But some of these disasters have actually been worth it, as they have often unintentionally provided us with amazingness.

1. Batman Forever: "Kiss From a Rose"

Movie: Batman ForeverHow Badly Did It Suck? Granted it's not as terrible as Batman and Robin, but was clearly the first step in Joel Schumacher's seemingly intentional destruction of the Batman franchise. "I'd like the gangsters to have more neon, please." At Least We Got: Seal's "Kiss From a Rose" on the soundtrack. Say what you want about Seal (like "Ew, gross face"), but this is a great song. So while we can't excuse Schumacher for nippling up the franchise in the next film, we can thank him for including this in his awful awful film. 

2. The Wicker Man: The Montage of Nic Cage Punching Women and Screaming "Not the Bees"

Movie: The Wicker ManHow Badly Did It Suck? No clue. It's a fact that nobody's actually seen this flick since there's absolutely no need when this montage exists. At Least We Got: This montage! It's got everything: Nic Cage wearing a bear suit, Nic Cage wearing a bear suit punching women, Nic Cage being attacked by bees (bear suit probably is offscreen). It's Nic Cage at his finest and without "The Wicker Man" we would not have this.  Now enjoy:
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3. Swordfish: Halle Berry's Boobs

Movie: SwordfishHow Badly Did It Suck? Pretty badly. Not the worst in the world, but considering what it gave us, it's a major letdown. Speaking of…At Least We Got: Halle Berry's boobs. And it was the first time the world saw them. And oh boy did the world want to see them. So it only made sense that she'd finally unveil them to the adoring public in an arthouse flick. Something that really called for the nudity, right? Not some run-of-the-mill John Travolta fest. No? Whatever, here they are: 

4. Gigli: The End of Bennifer

Movie: Gigli How Badly Did It Suck? No need to dive into this one. Children are born into this world with innate knowledge of how terrible this movie is. At Least We Got: The end of the power couple that was Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. And not only that, it happened before they could procreate. So for that, we actually should celebrate this film, for it accomplished more than most Oscar winners. 

5. Terminator Salvation: The Christian Bale Rant

Movie: Terminator SalvationHow Badly Did It Suck? Alright, this one's not thaaaat bad. But when you're part of the Terminator franchise, the bar gets raised. At Least We Got: All your favorite hits: Like "Ohhhh, good for you," "Fuck-sake man, you’re amateur," and "You're a nice guy." The classics are all here for a low low price of a mediocre movie. 

6. Showgirls: A Lesson in How Not To Have Sex in a Pool

Movie: ShowgirlsHow Badly Did It Suck? Even the act of seeing former Valedictorian Jesse Spano getting so excited couldn't save this atrocity. At Least We Got: The most awkward (and unintentionally hilarious) sex scene ever put on film. Spano writhing around, the guy from Sex and the City humping her belly button -- it pretty much ruined everybody's notion that pool-sex was a great idea.

7. Meet Joe Black: Brad Pitt Getting Hit by Multiple Cars

Movie: Meet Joe BlackHow Badly Did It Suck: I'm pretty sure this movie is 18 hours long. And only 20 seconds of it are worth watching. At Least We Got: These 20 seconds:
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