Famous scholar Joseph Campbell wrote extensively about the perennial character archetypes that arise in stories from all around the world. Similarly, these are the five introductions people make to clues during every game of charades.

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September 30, 2012

The Exciting Clue

"Oh! This is totes perfect! Okay, um... Okay. You guys, this is good. Let me think for a minute. God, I’m exited! Hold on, can we use sound effects? What, why not? Yeah, I know the point of the game is to- okay fine. It’s all good. I know exactly how to pull this sucker off. Maybe everyone should takes notes, because I’m about manifest an opus right here and now. Wow, maybe I should record this. Is somebody going to take my picture? Alright! I’m going. Okay, okay."

(Six seconds later)

"Uh, yeah. Christina Aguilera. You got it, Mitch. Alright. Well, that was a lot quicker than I thought it was going to be. I’ll just go sit down now. You can just move my props out of the way. I didn’t even get to use them." 

The Offensive Clue

"Jesus. Look, I’m not going to do this one. I mean, good lord. Who would- I’m not even going to say what this is. I’ve never been easily offended, but I’m a little shaken up by this. I don’t know who wrote this clue and I don’t want to know. This is really fucked up, you guys. Listen, the Challenger explosion or Jerry Sandusky I would be game for, but this is a whole other tier of “What the fuck?” I’m just going to grab my jacket and leave. I’ll call you guys in a few weeks once this tide of mental filth subsides. Enjoy the rest of the game everyone. And call your dad when you a get a chance." 

The Sucky Clue

"Oh. I see. Um...yeah. Let me think. I could...no. If I used...nah. Maybe if I broke the word into- you see...no. Sorry I’m taking so long, it’s just I’m under a little pressure. This entire time I’ve had the suspicion I was only invited, because I’m Sarah’s roommate and she needed a ride. Guess I’m kind of blowing my first impression, aren’t I? It’s fine. Ah! I got it! Phew, I was getting worri- fuck, shit. We’re not allowed to say anything right? Damn. Just give me a few more minutes."

The Perfect Clue

"Alright, um, let me think for a second. It’s a good one. I mean, it’s not mind blowing. Nobody is going to be in a shouting match with anyone over this. I think the answer will come to someone who has relaxed their mind enough where they’re not over thinking it, which is hard not to do in this game. Maybe at the beginning they’ll take a guess and it won’t work, so they let go of the momentum and wait until everyone is about to give up. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, it’ll arise in their stream of thoughts and they’ll say the correct answer, followed by a group commendation for the patience they displayed. Okay, good luck everyone. And remember, I’m just glad you guys are all my friends."

The Unsuspecting Clue

"Pft, really? Boorrrinnnngg. Alright. Well, I won’t be up here long. Yeah, it’s one of those ones where I’m going to do something and you’re going to know immediately what it is. Personally, I put in some good ones at least. Hopefully somebody else will be lucky enough to choose one of the gems that popped into my head. This person obviously couldn’t think of anything clever or interesting, so they just wrote down anything. This is a shame too, because even though I was against playing this game in the beginning, I was kinda getting into it. But I guess I’ll just have to wait until my next turn."

(23 minutes later.)

"Oh, come on! It’s so obvious! What’s wrong with you assholes?! Seriously, you guys! You know what. Here. I’m breaking the fourth wall and I’m telling you. I WAS A PENGUIN. What more could you have wanted? And your guesses! Wall-E? A bouy? Get your shit together.”