Hey guys! Time to play my brand new game called "Band Who's Played Warped Tour or Twilight Zone Episode?" And just like that: I'll give you a name of something that is either a band that one time in their career has played a stage at the annual music festival, Warped Tour, or the title of an episode from the classic Sci-Fi thriller TV show, The Twilight Zone (the Rod Serling, none of that Forrest Whitaker shit). Sound easy? IT'S NOT. Those shits are almost exactly the same thing. I assume every kid who's ever stepped into a Hot Topic and has a tattoo on their neck has also named their band on New Year's Day when a Twilight Zone marathon is airing. We're not keeping score and if you... more »

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January 02, 2012

1. One For The Angels?

2. Rocket From The Crypt?

3. A Piano In The House?

4. One Minute Silence?

5. The Receiving End of Sirens?

6. A Passage For Trumpets?

7. Stick To Your Guns?

8. He Is Legend?

9. I Sing The Body Electric?

10. Young Man's Fancy?

11. I Wrestled A Bear Once?

12. No Time Like The Past?

13. Papa Roach?


-2 copy.jpg

1. Twilight Zone

2. Warped Tour

3. Twilight Zone

4. Twilight Zone

5. Warped Tour

6. Twilight Zone

7. Warped Tour

8. Warped Tour

9. BOTH!!!! Warped Tour AND Twilight Zone

10. Twilight Zone

11. Warped Tour

12. Twilight Zone

13. Warped Tour (but the fact they were ever popular makes it feel very Twilight Zone-y)