Loneliness & Alcohol ( Rated T.V. MA )

Loneliness & Alcohol ( Jacob Clay is a struggling actor and musician trying to get a life but his lack faith or should i say lost faith is holding him back in life.  So Jacob Clay lives alone band-less and jobless , living in his one room run down apartment here in the city of Pittsburgh PA and yes ladies his single. An well Mr. Jacob Clay is trying to drink the pain away as his dreams become a living nightmare that is his so called life. Playing as a solo act folk singer an acoustic guitar at the local bar and his doing extra work on t.v. and movies to pay his bills. But as we all know it's always darkest before the dawn. As we get the chance in taking this trip into the darkness with Jacob Clay we slowly watch him find his way out the woods in this dramedy about the sad days of the Jacob Clay's life.  ( But things can get better ) Now are other life story in this here shoe loneliness & Alcohol. Jamie Wright is back home in Pittsburgh working a bartender , taking care of her sick mother Enya Adams ( Lung Cancer ) ( you see Enya raised Jamie as a single mother )  Jamie Wright went to college for art and had dream of traveling the world as artiest ( you know like painting and stuff  kind of art ) or at the very least make career out of it but these dream haven't yet came true and she feels as if she doesn't have this skills to pay the bills. ( an yes she is single and yes loneliness and Alcohol is also her m o )  An well Jacob and Jamie run into each other at Catholic Church ( each episode ends with showing them in the Confessional Booth talking to Father Ted about their sins. ) An they chat after church and tell each other about what been up , an so Jamie Wright ends up getting Jacob Clay a steady gig playing at the bar she works at these days ( An over time they start singing songs together at the bar ).  As the redevelop the friendship that slowly becomes a lot more than just that for these two love birds. But even together there are times of loneliness and Alcohol because of hard times and dying dreams.  But together they can make new dreams come true , if they can but the mind , body , spirit and soul in the place.  But the road is long and we get to walk it with them Loneliness and Alcohol Rated T.V. MA ) 

( The Theme Song for this Movie is the Jar of Clay - Loneliness & Alcohol from the inland album ) 

( This show is full of love songs and songs of faith in this mix of the good , bad and the ugly of these two people. Two different stories that sometimes cross all in one show that is a deep dark emotional rollercoaster that is living life her on Earth in Pittsburgh PA.  ) 

Haters Gonna Hate so make it Two for Me

Bonus T.V show ideas : Haters Gonna Hate ( So this comedy is the new aged 3s Company. ) OK so are 3 roommates are The Cook Kevin Christianson ( His the straight one ) The RN Bonnie Collins ( Lesbian ) and the flower shop sales men Cody Marx ( his into dudes ) and then this the land lord Ben Gaylord ( the bisexual )  ( and yes bros and hoes she is singles ) and then the sitcom comedy happens each week in this half hour show. ) 

Two for Me (  A sleazy cop named Jim Daniels who is a incompetent detective who tries to simultaneously take down a king pin heroin dealer and a serial killer in order to save his job because this job is all he has in life. Jim Daniels is a hard-nosed, soft-bellied cop with an affinity for porn , beer and cigarettes mixed in with bad eating habits. His latest assignment has him engaging in no-speed car chases, yelling at children like a nut. So he takes on the two biggest on going cases in secret. The heroin dealer is Mr. Keyshawn Dickerson aka Dickie the leader of the Chicago Boys a gang specializing in dealing the H train. An the series killer is a mystery man who kills hookers but male and female and yes transgender ones as well of all races and creed ( and he kills them different each time so this will be a hard nut to crack ). ( but i'll tell you who he is his name is Mike Glass and his a mail man by day and he kills hookers by night because he things it's saving them from a life of misery. Other than that real nice guy but he sure is quiet. ) An so now are half ass detective must crack these two cases in 2 weeks or his out of a job , because they have given Jim Daniels a 2 weeks notice as in he has 2 weeks left on the job , because their being nice to Jim Daniels by given him time to find a new job. But Jim Daniels ain't playing that crap because his going to save his job and get back to doing the hard cases by cracking these two cases.  Rated R ) 

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