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dumb jokes
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Published February 13, 2011

Really Shitty Jokes

" The Palin women their Fertile that you can get them pregnant just by the gleam in your eyes. " 

" i  once tried to be gay but i just got butt hurt over it. " 

"  She said i have a Yeast infection and then i said good thing you work at a bakery  O !  " 

" So i told my wife i have blue balls and she said your better get a smurf to blow you off then because where married now so your never getting laid again  Haha !  " 

" Yeah People tell me am gay all the time but i don't feel happy :-{  

" The G Spot , Yeah it seems like a nice place but i have never been , butt i do hear people keep cumming back for more a ;-)  

" i got a run , well you better find a toilet fast  before it runs down your legs  a !  " 

"  Well f*ck me sideways on the highway , am being pulled over so you better pull out hiyo ! " 

" Lets jam ! Am sorry dudes all i got is peanut butter. " 

" So do gay people have straightdar , because it's doesn't seem like it because am forever being hit on by gay dudes. " 

"  Can i have some cream , sorry ladies i already busted today. " 

" Pro Wrestling it's not just for gay people anymore ! " 

shit JK

" So i was asked by the N.W.O.  to join the 13 families blood line , but i said no thanks because i am into Lizard People women. + 13 families ! Hell i can't even handle having 1 family  ! " 

" She said you want to eat out , an so i said sure i'll go down under. " 

" CUM on  me ! " 

" She said i want a ding dong , so i  pulled down my pants and was sent to jail , because i didn't know they still made ding dongs. So now who is the ding ding you know !  " 

" The Cougar MiLF , FUCK iT !  " 

" i told my friends we need to get some chicks for tonight , and the next i know where on a some farm , now what up with that ! " 

" So i was once in a pro wrestling match , and the guy i was going to wrestle told me he was going to slam me , i told him it's to late am already slammed ! Around round on the house on me ! " 

" So if we get other 4 to 8 years of Bush am Bushed on Busch beer for the rest of my days but  if we get another 4 to 8 years of Clinton am getting a clit because ether way where getting fucked over like a little bitch !  " 

" Shit Happens but you don't have to eat it , so stop feeding us shit  ! " 

" i'll cum in the back door tonight sweetheart. " 

( More stupid lame ass jokes later son ! )