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An if you don't like it you can get out !

"Look people if you can't feed em don't breed em OK people !"  

"Will give you a hand out a hand out of a one way ticket back to where ever you came from."

"We pay taxes in this counrty my freeloading friend." TAXES  BOY!  TAXES !

"Take a bath you hippie."

"Last time i checked this is America an in America we speak English."

"Where sorry that some people are willing to swim in pure sewage to get to are shores because where such a bad country." 

"You know i remember a time when someone came into your house uninvited and they took somthing of yours and you call them a thief  your where not being prejudice."

"So i had my night vision goggles on last night and all i seen was a bunch of you sneaking across the border." 

"Hey if you want to come over here an steal are jobs, you need little thing called a green card first there mi amigo.

You Can't understand a word a am saying now can you Son?  

"Hey ! YOU ALL ! it's called a brain you might want to use some time people !  An you know what taking am about you worthless bums !"

"Get off the food stamps and get a job you bum." 

"Am just trying to help you people out for once in your sad little lives."

"You ladies call yourself real American but everything on your body is fake just like the words that come out you dirty collagen filled lips."

"Don't let them brainwash you, because We are the People."

"Look if you can't pay go away !" 

Zeb Colter ain't done yet Twidiots

"New Rules to live by: Press 1 for English. Press 2 to disconnet until you learn English" 

"TWITTER is the place where misfits and miscreants meet to validate their claim that sane people are crazy. THEY'RE CALLED TWIDIOTS."

"She must be one of them who sneak across the borders she can't even write Kurt Angle". IMMIGRANT!! "

"You people are not blind but you refuse to see now you hear" 

"The state of our Union is Pathetic" 



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