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I ask the ?'s and give the answers. & am playing Hard Ball.
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Published October 03, 2011

So Me?

if you where a superhero what would be your super power?
To be the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be at making sweet sweet love.

Boxers of briefts? 
Commando baby!

Do you drink?
i'll have what your having mate.

Jack Nicolson or Meg Ryan?
Coin toss but if your going to put my feet to the fire i got to go Nicolson.

Have you ever smoked majuaruana? 
I never exhaled.  (PCU joke)

Facebook or Twitter?
I only use F*ckbook beacuse i like to get strate to the point.  

Beatles or Stones?
Neiter am a Zeppelin man

Ok so?

Any plans on geting married?
Only if am in a drunkin blackout in Vages.

Do you have any pet names?
the ladies call me the bullfrog because i can lick the splits like no other.
Have you ever been to jail?
Yep my # is retired.

Coke or Pepsi?
it depends how much & 8 ball is.

Trick or treat?
Tricks are treats ;-)

shaved or hairy?
at least a landing strip.