Libby_B Libby_B


Last night upon sleeping, I entered a metaphysical paradise in which at any moment, Gogol Bordello was to take the stage. My 3 year old son, in his Spider-Man suit, ran free among the strangers in the crowd. Appearing to me only to ask for this wondrous toy or book or that Halloween costume the other kid has. I wandered throughout the crowd in placid wonderment. Suddenly I hear applause. I look up to see Cynthia Nixon walking down an isle with a small entourage. The black bobbed wig she wore for a disguise has failed, but she smiles and nods to those who applaud her. I continue past her and round a corner where I run into Kristen Wiig who is holding a small wilted fern. She explained to me that it is one of the ferns from 'Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis'. I ask why it looks so much bigger in the videos and she tells me that the ferns are just set very closely to the cameras to appear larger. I laugh at this. She promises that once she has watered it she will find me and give it to me. I walk away with hopes of receiving Zachs little fern, when I happen upon a stranger changing my sons diaper. What the fuck!?! I really had that dream.