Lemmings Lemmings


Premiere of Lemings Monday, 5/19 @ 2pm ET, only on maniaTV.com!

The Lemmings show unleashes a whole new pantheon of unforgettable sketch routines by weaving sketches together through the interface of the web. As SCTV made fun of television, National Lampoon Lemmings is lampooning the web. The audience is thrust into our comedic point of view where they are led through various adjacent spaces including web formats, platforms and devices which link sketches and comedic pieces together. As far as the comedy is concerned, Lemmings features the best of next generation young sketch comedians. Like Lemmings ‘73 which included Jim Belushi, Christopher Guess and Chevy Chase, this all-new comedy show debuts the best and brightest comedy stars of tomorrow. The cast has wowed audiences from coast to coast. Individual cast credits already include appearances on MTV, Comedy Central, The Aspen and Montreal Comedy Festivals and every major broadcast network.