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It's easier to get forgiveness than permission

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EVERY THURSDAY! New webisode every Thursday on this channel! 'Hilarious' -The Sun Newspaper. WHAT IS LAUGH OR CRY TV? It's a weekly Internet series. It has everything you love about stunts, bizarre skits, spoof interviews, troublemaking and sheer madness, but without any scripted reactions. +WHAT YOU SEE IS REAL +WE GO TOO FAR It includes madness such as a 30ft bridge jump and visiting a depressed gun maniac at 3am dressed as a Mexican. Edward has almost died on 7 occasions already while filming. If you're the type of person who'd laugh if you shat yourself, you'll love LAUGH OR CRY TV... the weekly YouTube series. 'When my dad found out I was stapling jelly to the walls, he did not ask why on earth for, or what I was thinking. He simply asked which wall' -Edward, on how Laugh or Cry TV affects family life. "It's easier to get forgiveness than permission". EVERY THURSDAY NEW WEBISODE HERE!!!

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