Its Showtime Folks! Its Showtime Folks!

Its Showtime Folks!

Contemporary sketch show starring Dani Said and Dan Bruce aka Dan America and inspired by Mr Show with Bob & David with the same feel but also with elements of The Ben Stiller Show and Saturday Night Live. Performed in front of a live studio audience and also will star celebrity guest stars

Its Showtime Folks is a comedy sketch show inspired by Mr Show with Bob & David but also has elements of The Ben Stiller Show and Saturday Night Live called “Its Showtime Folks”. Its a contemporary sketch show of which entertains audiences using various kinds of comedy from satirical to parodies, goofy to observational and truth comedy. It will be pre-recorded in an exclusive pre pre screening for audience where it will be played on screens. This is where a laugh track will be recorded in real-time and imported over the clips to give accurate laughter timing and a realistic feel. There will also be an introduction live on stage performed by Dani Said and Dan Bruce along with a live closing sketch at the end of the show. Its based on real life situations, scenarios and sayings of which people endure and don't realize how silly it is. It also makes comedy out of the most serious of subject as well as the most silly subjects such as commercials etc. leaving nothing safe from the being made a mockery of. A pilot has been made which is a very rough version of which will give you the basic idea as to what the show will look like and the type of humor we are using. via Its Showtime Folks Official Facebook page at which already has over 100 likes. It would be very much appreciated if we could get feedback from you as well as hopefully impress you enough to sign us with you. All feedback would be greatly appreciated. Some of the show will be recorded on location and others will take place on a pre built set of which we'll make ourselves. The lead cast members and main writers of the show are Dani Said and Dan “Dan America” Bruce. There will also be other cast members assigned to the project and we will be hiring extras. As the show progresses we are hoping to sign various guest stars who will further enhance the shows ratings and entertainment value. What separates the show? The factor that separates Its Showtime Folks from other shows of its kind is that it goes places that not many people will touch upon. For example: racism, homophobia etc. It carries loose themes throughout each episode. The show will be filmed both in a studio using constructed sets and in real locations around Los Angeles. Its main hub will be Los Angeles. It is a low to medium budget project although can easily be done on a low budget. It sees work from fresh exciting talent as well as guest stars who are well known in their field further along the line when the show has found its feet. It has something for everyone therefore reaching a wider audience. Its entertaining, fresh and exciting to watch and will leave the audience feeling brighter and happier after a good ol' laugh. It is not only entertaining but in parts educating the audience and giving them the ability to open their mind to society of today and realize some things aren't worth worrying about nor are they logical. They'll be reminded that the world isn't as bad as they think. Its a realm filled with outrageously silly things that aren't as scary as they come across, putting a new perspective on things going on in the world. Mr Show with Bob & David was such a success and having a similar theme and feel to the show will draw in many fans of the cult comedy hit show to this show also. There's also the fact that each sketch links into the other in some way. The show will generate a great deal of viewers. This is proven by a survey that has been sent around and also sample sketches of which have been released. The sample sketches achieved over 100 views on YouTube in the space of two days being uploaded. The Its Showtime Folks Facebook page has over 100 fans before the show has been aired therefore giving the impression that it will be a successful show since it has generated so many fans before the air date. People will be drawn to the show due to its diverse comedy and its courageous ability to tackle subject matters of which not many would. It will stand out from the rest because it will give the chance for members of the public to suggest sketch ideas using the official Facebook page or the Official Website. This will maintain communication with the audience and provide more reason for viewers to tune in in case their sketch is created. We are also looking into getting guest stars to star on the show as well as being hosts to new exciting talent within the industry.