LadyTips: Tips for Ladies LadyTips: Tips for Ladies

LadyTips: Tips for Ladies

A webseries parodying all of the ridiculous shit that ladies will do to achieve their dream of being airbrush-gorgeous and photoshop-thin.

We’ve seen many a YouTube star rise in a cloud of seemingly unlimited cash, unlimited time, and queasy optimism to become a Barbie/Kardashian amalgam of a modern girl who can spend a million fucking dollars on eyeshadow. To those ladies, we salute you. To literally everyone else, we hope you enjoy our show. The Team: Carolyn Gilliam (Head Writer) Michael Scott Allen (Executive Producer) Lianne Becker (Production Designer/Executive Producer) Alex Mandell (DP/Editor) Collin Meath (Director/Executive Producer) New Episodes Every Wednesday at (ALSO: Dear ladies, we love you. Do not attempt these tips.)