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Ross Mayberry has been involved with video production since the mid-80's. It was in Edmonton, Alberta that he formed Rosscott Productions. He wrote, directed, edited and acted in comedy shorts that were part of the weekly Comedy Bowl at the Sidetrack Café Nightclub and received second in Edmonton's Funniest Videos contest. Moving into the industrial videos, Ross produced a series of product information videos for trade shows and in-store promotions. Beaver Lumber, McLeod B. Supplies, Happy Hand Cleaner, Lock Box wall safes and many others. In late 1994, Ross dedicated himself full-time as a producer. Leaving his management career and moving all operations to Victoria, Ross promptly set up Wingnut Entertainment Group, Hiline Videoworks and teamed up with Daniel Valleé Video Productions to produce many comedy, "how-to", and corporate videos. While in pre-production for Victoria In Focus, a T.V. news magazine, Ross produced Mud Bog '95 for Iron Horse 4X4 Association. The success of this production led to Born To Be Wild in 1996 and Classic Mud in 1997. In 1996, the half hour pilot for Victoria In Focus was successful in raising awareness of Ross as a producer and led to a series of projects throughout 1997. Ross, along with Daniel Valleé Video Productions, produced a series of mini movies for the Screen Actors Studio. Among the half-hour movies were The Vortex Kids, Infinity Cola, and Summer '98. Other corporate videos produced in 1997 include, Les Cornouillers from the French Dance Group Folk Festival and Black Beauty horse training video. Ross was a writer, producer and also acted in The Insomniac, a 15 minute comedy about a man, his pillow, and his remote control. Still in 1997, Ross was writer, producer and host for Garage Sales Succe$$, a how-to video still selling well today. Along with distributing Garage Sales Succe$$ in 1998, Ross produced a series of promotional videos for Sideline Productions. This included the rave videos Future 1,2 and 3. Ross also produced and shot Summer '98, Black Beauty Summer and Dignity '98 for the British Columbia Ministry of Health. He was producer and production manager for One-Man Band, a one-hour video featuring musician Dave Harris. This production was shot in and around Victoria, BC. In 2000, Ross Co-Produced the Documentary Crowded at the Bottom about a local Bluesman and 23 year street veteran Dave Harris. Purchased in Canada by Bravo! Channel and now for sale worldwide. Also in 2002, his co-production Crowded at the Bottom won the Silver Award for documentaries at the Houston World Fest. Inspired by Dave Harris, Ross co-wrote a comedy feature also titled Crowded at the Bottom which is being shopped around. In 2001, Ross was the Producer and Production Manager for No Sweat Office Fitness a 17 minute exercise video & CD-ROM that reduces stress and strain and increases productivity in office workers and computer users anywhere. In late 2002 Ross wrote and produced the comedy short Lost Lunch for the festival circuit. Now in development with 2 projects A TV Pilot and the feature film, Untitled, a throw back to the 70’s clip movies like Kentucky Fried Movie. Both are on-the-edge comedies. Ross has donated time to both Crimestoppers productions as well as assisting in the production of Dignity '96, '98 and Friends Of Music, again for the Ministry of Health. He has also appeared in over 25 feature films (Scary Movie, White Chicks, Final Destination, The Keeper among them) and 10 TV productions as either an actor or as a background performer. In 2006 Ross produced and directed the "North American Scam Alert" DVD to make seniors and the general public aware of the 12 most popular scams in North America today. This enlightening and entertaining program is now available for purchase or ask for it at your local public library. Over the years Ross has enjoyed writing, producing, directing, hosting, being camera operator, sound mixer and production manager. He has been an active part of many groups and organizations. Ross is also a member of the Victoria Film Council.