Kristian Valen Kristian Valen

Kristian Valen

Comedian, impersonator, actor

Kristian Valen is a 100% self made man who have now sold over 700.000 tickets to his stage show, over 500.000 dvd´s and have written and co-produced 5 own tv shows who all went to nr.1. Without any manager,promotor,publisher he is writing/producing and hosting everything he does on his own. (This earned him multiple awards as a comedian,impersonator and actor + making him the most selling comedian/artist in Scandinavia with over 150 international impersonations and parody´s of artists and celebs.) "I guess having nobody believing in my crazy ide´s turned out to be a blessing in disguise since I had to do everything alone from making posters,directing and writing..... it is hard work, but I love every minute of it! Nothing is like seing smiles from strangers that started a a twisted ide in my thick head" (Quote: Kristian Valen) Kristian was also the the only non family member headhunted to perform at "The 1 year Michael Jackson memorial" at The Beverly Hilton. In 2016 Kristian will move to The US where he has a house that he calls his "retrieve" to "enjoy life and hopefully find somebody else who has crazy thoughts and dreams about doing stuff on stage or in front of the camera." (Quote Kristian Valen)