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I have been doing cartoon dub overs since January of 2009. The first one that I ever did was called: Care Bears: The Gift of Caring. As of April of 2009, I got a private sending video on my first Youtube deleted immediately right after it was uploaded and was going to send it to one of my friends. It was off of my v9lash Youtube account and it was called: Doug's Big Catch (one of darkdora09's very first cartoon dub overs ever). I have never got another upload deleted off of that first account that I have in over 5 years. 3 years later after I signed for my Youtube account, I got one of my Youtube pre-finished dub overs flagged which was called: "Super Mario Bros.: The Unzappables (Pt.2)". I divided it into 2 parts because of the length limit was up to 11 minutes back then; even in the year 2011. It occurred on my second Youtube working account which is: vk785. I had that account since 2009 which was about a year after I signed up for my first Youtube account. *As of May 15, 2011 my first Veoh account has been terminated for a copyright violation. Before my first Veoh account got even terminated, my first actual upload got removed and blocked immediately after it was uploaded. I even try to send my Youtube friend that clip from that website and it never happened. The last upload stayed up for about 8 hours and 17 minutes before it got removed. *Almost 2 years later, I got another 40 of my cartoon dub overs removed from my Ebaums' World account which has the username vicki785. It was because of me over flooding the mature section. ***As of February 9, 2013 at 130 am, one of my Ebaum's World uploads which is called "Super Mario Bros. Koopa Klaus" (my 39th one ever) got removed for only one use of the word "nigger" despite of it being a rated NC-17 cartoon dub over on which I did. I even put a viewer advisory warning on it too and can't even believe that they would still remove that clip even though that word was milder than the one that I was mostly using. They come up with this absolutely stupid no racism policy even though the word is considered a moderate bad word. You can say that in a PG-13 only once. I can't believe that Ebaum's Word would still delete a milder cuss word over the one that I was using the most. I think they say that it shouldn't be used in movies at all if it goes against their absolutely stupid policy. I think it's completely stupid in my own opinion. They just are limiting the stuff that I upload on their website. That's why that I will end up uploading my stuff on this website. The removed clip has actually been on my Ebaum's World account for almost 2 months before it got removed. ****As of May 12, 2013, I had 2 picture still video links removed from my vk785 Youtube account because of 3 complaints from users from that website. That was the first time in 5 years that I had 2 videos in a row removed and even had a first warning strike ever in my entire life. I had no idea about this until a week later after they got removed from the site. It wasn't the first time that I got any of my Youtube uploads flagged.I never had another Youtube account upload flagged in over 2 years until now. Why would those uploads violate Youtube's terms of use? Is it because of sexism that was the main reason they were taken down? It actually wasn't for that reason. It was for spam content and I checked into my Youtube account again to find out why they have been taken down. It was for spam and deceptive content. I didn't do that violation. This is so stupid. I just don't understand this ever at all. 3 of them uploads of mine have been flagged so far over the course of 5 years. I tried to appeal the rejections and it got declined for no apparent reason ever at all. I just don't know why they do this. Those linked clips on which I uploaded on this website hasn't been uploaded on Youtube. Even though I put warnings on those linked clips and also despite of them 2 clips being rated NC-17. One of the clips which I uploaded called "NC-17 Rated Dub Overs". I can't believe that they would still delete that clip over no longer existing links. That take down doesn't make any sense to me ever at all. *As of now on this Youtube account, the uploads of mine are now set to private so I won't get another strike and a possible suspension. As of May 28, 2013 at 937 pm, I tried to upload one of the same videos onto private mode and it got removed immediately right after I uploaded one of them the second time. It said "Rejected-Terms Of Service Violation" immediately right after I tried to upload it again. I think Youtube should enforce the excessive profanity policy and update it too especially the spam video uploads. This is really getting out of hand. If the language that I was using wasn't allowed, what is? How come someone reported them as spam even though I didn't do it. I may never know. *As of July 5, 2013, I tried to upload my first full length movie dub over called Rainbow Brite Star Stealer onto my Funny or Die account. It got immediately blocked right after it was uploaded to funnyordie.com. I uploaded that same clip twice and it said video access denied. It was the dumb copyright blocking filter. I had a very hard time putting that first full length movie dub over online. It upsets me and I want people to see it. I have been working so hard on this. It's up on my Vimeo account for anyone who wants to see it.