The K-Lo Sketch Show The K-Lo Sketch Show

The K-Lo Sketch Show

We're best friends and we do comedy.

With an affinity for throwback comedy, Katie and Lauren discovered they harbored the same obsession for the Smothers Brothers over a glass of whiskey. Don't let the suits fool you. K-Lo's easy-going style is satire, parody, and farce -- set to remixed tunes of a by-gone era. The K-Lo Sketch Show began in January 2016 and is now a staple at Open Space theater. They play to sold out crowds with recurring characters such as Billy & Rochelle, the German Girls, Travis Cooper, Bertie, and audience favorites like "Booty Call or Casting Call?" and the "Have You Ever" guys. Katie Elsaesser is from Phoenix, AZ. Her favorite comedians are Carol Burnett/Tommy Smothers/Richard Pryor. Keye & Peele is her favorite TV show. Lauren Howard Hayes is from the OC. Her favorite comedians are Steve Martin/Dick Smothers/Molly Shannon and her favorite TV show is CHECK IT OUT! with Dr. Steve Brule. The duo met in Duchess Riot in December of 2010 and have collaborated since.