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Fly High!

mmmm now thats a difficult one...why dnt u use ur brain cells which r gtin rusty in tryin to find bout me!..consider it as an exercise! lolz!on a serious note im a lil insane, humorous, tomboish(ths hw ma frnds describe me!)n d rest ...well u cn only imagine...but touch my frnds..n ur dead!( tht means im short temprd n possesive bou ppl i care bou too!) writin has always bin a part of me..in times of happiness melancholy whtevr d mood mayb...all i need is my cuppa cappichino, a pen n a notepad*|( alrite alrte i admit i evn write on tissues n my hands...or my frnds hands...just bou nythin whn sumthin interstin comes to my mind!)