King Cheese Puff King Cheese Puff

King Cheese Puff

A satirical comedy web-series that channels the politics of the day through the eyes, minds, and egos of snack foods.

After a controversial victory, King Cheese Puff, the new leader of Snacktonia, a diverse kingdom of savory and sweet snacks, is hell-bent on enforcing his agenda of hate, bigotry, and tyranny throughout the land. Campaigning on a platform that advocated more sugar in snack, less FDA interference, and a ban of all healthy snack foods, King Cheese Puff is ready to destroy anyone who dares disagree with him. With his discovery of a crazy thing called "alternative facts," will King Cheese Puff be on his way to world domination, or will the good snacks of Snacktonia rise up, mobilize, and end is reign of sugar-soaked terror?