Kimberly McFriendly Kimberly McFriendly

Kimberly McFriendly

It was the year 1964 and deep in the throes of the Cuban Missile Crisis, General Davis "Buddy" Pallerton made an executive decision to launch his own projectile, into the fertile American soil of his wife's womb. Nine Months later, Kimberly, was born. The little girl blossomed surrounded by family values, morals, and the Southern beauty pageants on which she would base her political ideals. She would attend America State University and earn her law degree specializing in frontier justice. Education wasn't the only thing she found in the hallowed halls of America State, it was there that she would meet her future husband Senator Richard McFriendly, in a hall. He would become her mentor, lover and additional father figure. Through the sanctity of heterosexual marriage, Kimberly Pallerton became Kim McFriendly. Fully embracing the role of Senator's wife, she did it all from hosting state dinners, to looking KimTastic®. Then tragedy struck. While on his way to his Senate Barbershop Quartet rehearsal, Senator McFriendly, was involved in an unfortunate accident. America lost one of its greatest leaders that day, and the Senate lost one of its finest baritones. Soon funerals turned into fundraising as McFriendly campaigned to retake her dead husband's seat. The title of "Senator" would pass on from Senator McFriendly, to Senator McFriendly. And then she ran for President right now. Watch out America. And watch MORE out, enemies of America!