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David Keystone

David Keystone is an experienced humorist, host, comedian, writer, and producer. His distinctively dry, clever wit combined with extremely honest and confident ranting style make him an engaging and refreshing voice for audiences of all backgrounds. Often drawing from personal stories and social observation, David spins virtually any scenario into a comedic masterpiece. At 19, Alliance Atlantis cast David as a principal lead on Canada’s yearlong reality show, U8TV The Lofters. About his performance, Shift Magazine, published, “David is easily the most talented host of the lot. He possesses a rare sly wit with the subtle facial expressions cameras eat up.” Maclean’s magazine, followed suit by publishing, “David is funny, smart, and seems destined for TV infamy.” Additional credits include David’s performance of his Robert De Niro impression on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He has performed his stand-up routines at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, as well as several well-established Toronto comedy clubs including Yuk Yuks, Alt Dot Comedy Lounge, and the Comedy Bar. Since 1996, he has performed at hundreds of live events in a variety of important leadership roles including Master of Ceremonies, Presenter, Auctioneer, and/or Comedian/Entertainer. David’s witty sense of humor and ranting style translates equally on paper. His writing has been published across Canada as letters to the editor in the Toronto Star, The National Post, The Toronto Sun, The Edmonton Sun, and the Winnipeg Sun. For daily doses of literary humor, visit his blog at www.keystonechronicles.com. David is available for private and corporate events as Master of Ceremonies, Comedian and/or Auctioneer, as well as for television or web series as Host or Commentator. For booking information, email info@keystonechronicles.com Be sure to check out videos of David’s comedy and hosting style at www.youtube.com/davidkeystone And follow him on Twitter @keychronicles and Instagram @keystonechronicles