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THIS CHANNEL HAS RECEIVED RAVE REVIEWS FROM JUDY CARTER AND ANDREW SENSENIG! Showcasing the stand-up performances, various filmmaking "attempts", and other comedic or semi-comedic projects of writer/actor/director/producer/editor/comedian/cartoonist Kevin Piastra. Also, a lot of this stuff could also be considered Vlogging. The "prods" is short for "productions". People seem to think I mean "prodding", which is odd. Our excuse is if this kinda crap is good enough for Comedy Central and Adult Swim, it's more than good enough for YouTube. I try to keep in check the mainstream, middle-of-the-road generic material yet also try to balance putting TOO much fringe, experimental stuff. We try to keep gaming vids, cats, babies, and vacation blogs to a bare minimum if at all. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, IT'LL ONLY HURT A LITTLE. SCHEDULE COMING SOON! PROFESSIONAL CONTACT AND VIEWER MAIL ONLY: