Kevin Kolack Kevin Kolack

Kevin Kolack

Kevin grew up outside of Atlanta in a town with no traffic light, though both his parents hail from the NYC area, which kept his neck from becoming too red. After getting a BS in Chemistry and Buddhism from The University of Virginia, Kevin moved to Bloomington, Indiana to earn a Ph.D. in Chemistry (a truly challenging performance art) as well as certification as a master firefighter and EMT. While at Indiana, Kevin began his acting in earnest, traveling to Chicago weekly and NYC several times a year for classes and seminars. Kevin moved to NYC 1/1/98 to act full time. Modern-day Renaissance man Kevin has been told it might be easier to list on his resume the things he has NOT done, since he has been everything from a movie theater manager robbed at gunpoint, to a florist, to a helicopter pilot and NYC taxi driver in real life, and just as wide a variety on stage and on screen. He has been seen in more than two dozen independent films and has appeared in standup comedy clubs around NYC, in addition to touring the country putting on a one-man, multiple-puppet show. You may hear one of his many voices in a variety of television and radio commercials, from standard announcer to cartoon mouse! Recent projects include Law & Order:SVU, Chaotic, and the award-winning festival darlings “Limbo”, "Mutant Aliens" and "H.R. Pukenshette".