"The KENJackson Official Video Channel!"

"Life is a Beautiful Journey. Don't end your adventure because of injustice. You could be the reason for a Better World. <3"

"The KENJackson Official Video Channel!" "The KENJackson Official Video Channel!"

My name is Kenyon. In my city, I am known its very own Michael Jackson. I graduated from my High School on June 26, 2014. Although I completed my four years, it does not end my mark here in my home city. Everywhere I walked, I made frowns turn to smiles. I lightened up my school with the love of Michael Jackson, and I plan to keep it that way. One day, I'm going to change this world for the better. Michael had only one wish: to Heal this World, and to make it a Better Place for the children, and for all in the society. I'm going to complete his wishes. We are bringing Love back into the World. <3