Lyrics from Kendrick Lamar, Sounds from 70s and 80s TV.

Unjust’s Kendrick Lamar Burton remix project juxtaposes lyrics from Kendrick Lamar; the most dynamic lyricist of recent times, with the sights and sounds of 70’s and 80's television. Piecing the project together became a labor of love for Unjust as he states “Television of the era in which I grew up had a certain vibe. Due to a lack of CG, Television and movie makers had to rely on the music to play a bigger role in setting the emotional tone of a scene. This, along with personal memories, is why I often sample music from TV and movies. I wanted to do a remix project, but I wanted it be something that had never been done before; something that would stand out and be attention getting. I figured if I was going to do it, I should remix the best emcee out there right now—and in my opinion, that’s Kendrick Lamar. As a bit of an old school, jaded hip-hop head, when I first heard Kendrick Lamar I was overjoyed with hope. So this project while poking a bit of fun at him with the imagery is not meant to be disparaging towards him - quite the opposite. He's the first emcee I heard in quite a while that made me like a song with a beat I didn't really like. So I wondered what he'd sound like on a different style of beat. Making the project proved very difficult as Kendrick doesn't generally make his accapellas available, so I had to research and learn how to DIY (do it yourself) them. This mixtape brings my humor, my design skills and my beats together full circle, while paying homage to the greatest era of TV, and the greatest emcee of the modern era.