Kenal Kenal


Being Creative

I (Kénal) am also a songwriter and vocalist. A true artist in many aspects of creativity. My journey as an independent artist has been a learning process, discouraging, fun, hopeful, disappointing, and an adventure all together. I have been conned, ripped off, used and abused in attempting to be a musician. My life story have also been something unique. Born of Haiti and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida. I began singing at the age of 6, following my brothers and sister who always sung around me and in church. I started writing poetry and songs at the Age of 14. Since I started writing I have yet to stop, I have written over 100 songs (rock, pop, hip hop, r&b, gospel), along with many more poems. Also talented in many other forms of Art, such as Painting, Drawing, and Acting. At the age of 20 I am determined and an ambitious young man that is working hard to reach his goal and is heading towards the mainstream Music/Art/ Film industry. Currently working on many projects that will make you love his style in Art and Music.