keetmachoos keetmachoos


is an Irish based comic !

keet debuted on the irish amateur comedy circuit performing his first live gig as part of the showcase in doyles pub, dublin. despite never ever being in an irish comedy club and with with no idea of how comedy was run or even what an mc was - he did it. after his doyles bar debut, keet followed in the footsteps of dave mc savage (late late show and vicar st), james goldsbury, karl spain & Neil delimer with a battle of the axe win after only 3 times on stage. since then, keets own branded form of observational humour on the rapid cultural changes in ireland have served well in only a short time managing to woo the crowd in some of Irelands premier comedy venues. keet has managed to please the crowd in all the major dublin venues such as the international bar, neptune comedy club, the craichouse in ork, the bankers comedy club, brendan burkes skerries club and Irelands largest venue - the laughter lounge. in the summer of 2007 keet joined the rest of his amateur comedic buddies at the most successful ever kilkenny fringe festival, run by the neptune comedy club appeared in New Yorks Gotham Club and most recently made is his Irish television debut on TG4's 'Glas Vegas'. who knows what the rest of 2008 will bring to komedy keet )